Drivers Who Flick Cigarette Ash out The Window.....

Windy day in Melbourne today.

I was driving behind a guy who kept tapping his cigarette on his drivers side door with the ash hitting my windscreen.

Changed lanes to avoid….10 minutes up the road and the exact same thing happened.

Why can't smokers use an ash tray in their vehicle?

Also…does this ash do any damage to paint work on cars?


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    Why can't smokers use an ash tray in their vehicle?

    Not defending the driver, but alot of modern car has removed the Cigarette Lighters and/or Ashtrays.

    Also Ashtray Cup/Buckets exists for a reason…

    • So is that technically littering? or is that when the driver physically lets go of the cigarette?

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        Leaving ash in a container or something can sometimes smell. Also i am presuming lots of people smoke with their more dominant right hand so more comfortable to ash on your rhs too. I'd question how close i was to the car tho, possibly try having more space between you and the vehicle in front.

      • The ash alone is technically littering.

        Also other things people wouldn't normally think twice about doing. Like tipping out a drink.

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      it's not like a driver became a smoker overnight, could buy your own ash tray or have a better way to dispose, but in reality CBF

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      Not defending the driver, but alot of modern car has removed the Cigarette Lighters and/or Ashtrays.

      Well you are…..

    • Well, smokers can buy one for their car easily.

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    it's the same logic as people that throw rubbish…

    it's OK to make other peoples property dirty except their own.

    cigarette butts and ash make their own car smelly and dirty

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      I say this about people who smoke on their balconies, even though they're not allowed in certain complexes due to smoke drift to other units. I bet you most smokers wont want to take it indoors for that reason!

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        I used to live in a small house on a subdivided block. Whenever the woman who lived behind me came out for a smoke I had to close my windows and sliding door otherwise the smoke drifted over the fence and in to my house.

        I asked her if she would smoke around the rear of her property and she just said that it was inconvenient for her. When I pointed out that the smoke drifted into my house she simply said 'That's your problem, not mine'.

        Smokers are really the worst.

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          smokers and dog owners. They can't smell their smoke or hear their dogs. But I can guarantee the smoker wont smoke in their own house, nor would a dog owner let their barking dog sit in their lounge room.

          • @mincemeat: Would you complain about neighbours' kids screaming/laughing in the backyard too?

            • @diamond: Possibly before the doggo owners too. Because dogs are the best :)

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              @diamond: If their smoking dog was barking, yes.

            • @diamond: Here he is, like clockwork, the smoking dog owner Mr Whataboutery. There's reasonable and then there's unreasonable - regardless of what it is. And to your query, in my experience, kids don't scream all day every day at birds, cars, postman, wind, rain, etc.

              • @mincemeat: You can call it Whataboutery or whatever inane names you like, but I was just pointing out that if you consider fairly common things like next-door smokers and barking dogs to be an unreasonable nuisance, I don't know how (or on what basis) you could stand other fairly common things like screaming kids. In your case it sounds like it's the frequency that's the real problem, not the nature of the nuisance. I've lived in more than one neighbourhood where kids scream or shoot hoops or hit tennis balls against the fence etc from the early hours of the morning then again for hours after school, and I personally found those sounds way more frequent and unreasonable than the barking next door, but it's a part of urban life and I don't think I can fairly make sweeping generalisations about all "parents" or "drum players" or whatever else.

                • @diamond: thats unreasonable. there are by-laws about pets and smoke. the only laws that exist for humans living their life making certain noise really only relates to the hours that its done. I have never heard of anyone complaining to strata/police/council for kids bouncing a ball unless they are fed up with life and about 105 years old, so I would be curious to know if anyone ever has.

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          I was in a similar scenario as a friend who was with us had cystic fibrosis so the smoke was serious to her health

          We got just close your window so we did its left my house not my problem..

          I went out and bought a 36v blower and would cut my lawns and her nature strip was gravel so I would blow the lot into her open front windows.

          She complained and I said o well it's left my property can't do much.

          Thankfully she was a renter and was forced out a few months later.

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            @VeryCheap: I like this, eye for an eye

            Smart thinking about the blower too. Was the blower very cheap?

          • @VeryCheap: Haha nice one! I was thinking about setting up some cheap pedestal fans along the back fence (on my side of course) and have those cranked up whenever she was out there slamming down a dart or two.

            Never bothered in the end. She moved out and we ended up selling and moving a few months later ourselves.

          • @VeryCheap: i just left a bucket of fish bait, stink out the whole place once negotiations had failed. I dont like the smell but still better than second hand smoke. nowadays i'd probably go for dirty nappies or cooking chili sauce

            • @juki: What about a bucket of fish bait with the fans pointed back over the fence. Blows the dart smoke AND the fish bait smell over the fence and into their house ;)

              • @Morphio25: i was the balcony below the rude neighbour. I'm ok with admitting i am mostly childish and dont put much thought in getting even. i got tired of the smell and picking up butts of my balcony, the guy chain smoked. it took a week and that neighbour never spoke to me again, i moved out about a year later. GF disagrees with my stupidity.

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      Littering and not returning shopping trolleys are the most basic and common demonstrations of disregard for your own community. People should be fined for doing such things.

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    Some people just want to see the world burn..

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      “You have nothing to threaten me with. Nothing to do with all your strength.”

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      In all seriousness, I’m not a fan of smoking all round.

      For me it’s not the ash hitting the windscreen that would get to me…it’s the smell of cigarettes being around the air intake of my AC that would grind my gears 🤮

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        Whenever I'm behind a smoker on the road I close my air vents and change the aircon setting to recirculation.

    • As a matter of fact that is how the Binna Burra bushfire started. 11 Homes destroyed. Caused by 2 teenagers who flicked their ciggy butts out the car windows.

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    Ash? I don't particularly care.

    But cigarette butts, those are annoying. Smokers don't realize they're made of plastic and take years to biodegrade.

    • I didn't initially see it.
      I did notice however the smell of the cigarette smoke then realised at the traffic lights it was the guy ahead. Followed for another 300m until lane was free to avoid him. Then got another one 10 mins up the road.

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        I did notice however the smell of the cigarette smoke then realised at the traffic lights

        Close your window before peeing sir! 😋

    • 100%

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    So ash, which is burnt tobacco and a powdery like substance, rather than disperse in the open air actually flew back and "hit" your windscreen. Seriously?

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      Correct! Is this where I need to buy a dashcam?

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        No a membership to the Cotton Ball Club .

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          When they have a sale on memberships post a deal and tag me in it.

          • @iNeed2Pee: Have you peed yet?

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            @iNeed2Pee: you may need to change your username if you want people to stop taking the piss and take your serious

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        I think u meant ashcam

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          You've made him the butt of a joke.

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        Wow, Get a life. It's ash!

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    ash is fine, it disintegrates at the slightest touch. as long as they aren't chucking the butts out the window.

    it would be a pain for someone who is right handed to use the ash tray, could be distracting enough to cause accidents if they accidentally drop the lit cigarette while switching hands or something.

    • Yeah it wasn't an overly big amount and like you said it did disintegrate but some still got my car.

      Just wasn't sure why smokers do that instead of just using something in their own car.

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        second half of my comment. i smoke occasionally and i am right handed, if i were to do it in my car i would be switching hands constantly, i worry that i would drop the lit cigarette while switching hands and either burn myself and get distracted or drop it somewhere and have to go looking for it before it burns something, neither would be acceptable in a moving car.

        having said that, i wouldn't want to be getting ash on my car, so i would probably just try to overtake them if possible or hang way back, you could let someone overtake you so they are the ones getting ash on their car instead of you.

        • What do you do with the butt?

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          How do you hold your phone?

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      it would be a pain for someone who is right handed to use the ash tray, could be distracting enough to cause accidents if they accidentally drop the lit cigarette while switching hands or something.

      Crazy thought, they could stop smoking while they are driving the car.

      Don't people get into trouble for eating with one hand? Why is it ok for smokers to do it?

      • they could, but maybe they don't want to, so they may as well do it safely if they're going to do it.

        do they ? i've never heard of that happening, only for texting while driving or using the phone.

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          Eating while driving will usually mean that you are not in proper control of your vehicle or driving with proper care. Police can issue fines and demerit points for this


          they could, but maybe they don't want to

          Yes, it would be terrible to have to go without a lung dart for 5 minutes.

    • Buy a large 70's sedan or hardtop. They often had ashtrays in the doors.

      Somebody should get Homer to design a car.

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    Might want to wrap your car in bubble wrap

    • flammable….

    • Will that give me a cheaper premium?

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        I'd map out cover points on a map in case a freak hail storm comes on your common routes .

        • Block out the entire Melbourne then. Don't forget to add earthquakes.

    • Well yea, adds an additional layer against virus and dieseases.

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    Also…does this ash do any damage to paint work on cars Forrest? ;)

    An arsonist!!

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      Forrest Gump?

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    Must have been a lot of ash coming off for you to notice it on your windscreen lmao!

  • Should of pulled up next to him, have a talk….. Sounds like Dougie from Pizza Hut

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    • Good luck!

      • It works. I know because I was the perpetrator.

        • really? i couldn't see where cigarette ash is covered under that, cigarettes are covered, but i think they mean the whole cigarette or part of it, with the butt still attached, the ash itself doesn't appear to be mentioned.

          • @DisabledUser394460: I wasn't referring to this particular scenario.

            FYI, I got reported for excessive exhaust fumes.

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              @Juiciness: Then why post at all if it has literally nothing to do with the topic, I think everyone knows the EPA exists

              • @Lebofly: I don't think that's true.

                Also, get a dashcam.

      • I've reported idiots who throw out cigarette butts out the window and have received confirmation that they have been issued with infringement notice. They work

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          They tell you that to appease you. Sorry to let you know…

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            @darkmoss: You don't know much about anything. Sorry to let you know. I'm sure nobody around you have had the courage to let you know the truth

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      Smoker detected.

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    This sounds… beyond insignificant. That it would actually worry anybody is hard to imagine.

    If you want to talk about road pollution, lets talk about those diesel drivers with bad headgaskets. Every time they tapthe accelerator, its like driving through a storm cloud

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      Im not talking about road pollution im talking about the individuals who cant use an ash tray or something in their own car.
      Why dump your shit outside?

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        Fyi, I gave you a thumbs up.
        Some smokers can't do it because they can get away with it .
        Same reason why smokers think forcing everyone on the street to passive smoke while they smoke and walk along a crowded street is part of their protected human right.

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      Really? Let's see if it is insignificant if everyone did it. What about the bushfires that are started by these idiotic selfish individuals?

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      I'm a motorcyclist and I can promise you it's not insignificant at all. It's absolutely infuriating. The light dusting of ash/embers every so often really does piss me off and the odd cherry that embeds itself in my clothing or every so often actually finds bare skin, that's enough to make me see all different shades of red.

      • nothing worse than a motorcycle in traffic…

        • please elaborate more

      • Lol @ the downvotes, the ozbargain motorcycle hating parade is out in force as per usual.

        If the smoke/ash is insignificant then feel free to dump it into your car, perhaps in the receptacle specifically designed for cigarette ash and butts.

    • It's not because of bad headgaskets it's called Rolling coal. It's fairly obnoxious and a waste.