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US$5 (~A$6.87) (US$7 with ANZ Max, ~A$9.61) Cashback at Uber Eats (New & Existing Users) via Cashrewards


Just got served a Facebook ad for this deal. Deal is valid for new or existing Uber Eats members and no mention of minimum spend.

Desktop browsers only.

Cashback is US$5/$7 then converted to AUD into your account via TA.


Referral Links

Referral: random (4037)

$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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    Oh wow that's so good. Thanks OP

  • Seems like cashback is in USD?


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    "$5 cashback
    Cashback is in USD. Desktop browsers only. New & return customers"

    1. Desktop only - I didn't even know that Uber Eats worked on desktop. Old school.
    2. $5 and cashback is in USD - interesting. I wonder whether that means its 5 USD
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      TA just let me know its USD. Can see it in previous deal.

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        How'd I miss the last deal I have no idea.. anyway thanks for confirming

        • Same here haha, and the cashback was higher in the last deal too!

  • I doubt it stacks with the recent targeted promotions :(

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    No minimum spend?

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    no max number of transactions too from what I’m reading?

    • "Earn boosted cashback on every order"

      Worded ambiguously so unsure if it's a general comment about Cashrewards Max or it's saying multiple orders are each eligible for cashback

      • yeah. I just made some orders and realised they automatically take UE credit before any cards, so had to cancel them all :/

        • Damn :(
          I thought there was a way to turn that off? Funnily enough never found it but the opposite happens sometimes and it refuses to use UE credit

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          Does cashback not work with Uber credit? My last order was stuffed up so Uber credited my account. Didn't use a gift card.

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            @neil: I'm actually not sure, can anyone confirm?

          • @neil: Yes please can someone confirm if this is possible? To make an order but unselect Uber credit at payment screen?

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              @JHoliday: Can confirm I was able to switch off my credit in the payment section and put the full amount by card

              • @JHoliday: I tried doing that and successfully check out but I would go back to the transaction and it shows credit taken out

    • So strange how this UE deal doesn’t have a max no. of transactions.

  • Customer status (new or return) is determined by Uber Eats (not Cashrewards).

    Are we sure that Uber Eats will classify every customer as a "return" irrespective of the date of their last order?

  • Did it track for anyone? And if so how long after you ordered?

    • Took 2 days the last order I placed

  • Will this work on pre-orders or must be completed today to avail cashback?

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    Tracking just came through

  • Tracking came thruuu!!

  • Has anyone ordered preorder in this deal? I am not sure if it will track so it would be great if someone can confirm. Thanks

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      Yes it tracked for me, up to a few days. The tracking confirmation only came through the day after the order has been completed, but still at the cashback rate of the date when I placed the order.

      • Thanks so much for confirmation! I have cancelled a few orders so guess i will leave the rest there now :P
        THanks again :)

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    Cashback just got approved today.