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Toshiba 16TB Enterprise MG08ACA16TE 7200RPM 3.5" Hard Drive ~$507.30 Delivered @ Newegg (USA)


Cheaper than previous deal and should be a solid buy for NAS use

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    Are these noisy ?

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      • Are these NOISY ?

        • What?

          EDIT: sorry lol, looking at the specs, I wouldn’t suspect so, but no personal experience.

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            • @jv: Ahah love the font.

              But yeah, no personal experience with these, but based on the specs and what I’ve read, I wouldn’t expect them to be any noisier than any other nas drive.

            • @jv: Well done jv… Well done :D

    • Even louder than the PS2 startup sounds

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        I never played PS2. Is it louder than THX sound?

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      probably noisy, I personally will stay away from Toshiba hard drives from now on.

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        Same. Had a 8tb and 6tb Toshiba die on me after 4 years.

        • Luck of the draw…I've had two in my PC for 6 or 7 years without missing a beat, same with portable Tosh usb drives…now Seagate, every drive I've had over the past 35 years has died early…and yet others swear by them…like I said, luck of the draw

          • @Ben Kenobi: Exactly. Ive had 3 x 5tb drives running in my NAS for over 5 years without a hitch

  • How does it compare to Seagate:
    which had a historical low of $477 so this one is close to it.

    • I’m returning mine to NewEgg USA. I received a defective one. Too good to be true

      • I received my Toshiba from the last deal. Surface check all good.

    • No comparison. The Exos are much better.

      My Toshiba was DOA which in hindsight was lucky, as I could get a refund from the seller but would have been screwed down the road as Toshiba have a very poor warranty for their drives. Looking at many reviews, it seems they have an abnormally high DOA rate. You get what you pay for with these.

      • Thanks. Will past and wait for Exos sale.

  • are these loud?

  • Are these deafening?

    • No, but louder than 5400rpm ones

  • good price though

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    Personally I had a Toshiba enterprise raid 5 array running in my home for 5 years, never lost even a sector. I cannot keep up with my failing Seagates on my newer server :(

    These drives are probably the fastest and most reliable enterprise drives on the market.
    Yes they are loud, they are also really fast and designed for a DC not a home NAS.

    I’m thinking about buying 10 and moving everything I own to it plus some spares, they are that good.

    Yes some drives will be doa, that applies to every HDD batch ever made in history.

    If you are running an array, buy spares.
    Unsure if you will ever get a warranty replacement, but at this price and performance I’d say it doesn’t matter!

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    can't comment on noise, but here's the backblaze hard drive reliability report, that's quite favourable on this model


    • Statistics for always on drives in temperature and humidity controlled datacenters is pretty much irrelevant for home NAS.

    • They are and you'd rather see good stats than bad but the drives are only 5 months old on average so you really wouldn't expect many to have died yet.

      A much older Toshiba 4Tb drive there has very bad stats,

  • I bought two from the last deal and I'm using them in a Synology NAS. They work like a charm, but they have taken ages to rebuild the array (expected) and they're a bit noisier than 5400rpm drives (expected, as well.

  • would this be suitable for a gaming home PC as a mass storage device for photos/personal files ETC? Not for gaming but it will be installed in a gaming desktop?

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      Yes it's a SATA drive but make sure you have a backup too.

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    I wouldn't buy from newegg for Australia they offer 90 day warranty even though manufacturers maybe way more they don't honor it, it's only because I took them to fairtrading they refunded me. If you want that muck around buy from them. Just an FYI and that experience was on an asrock motherboard and asrock didn't help much with warranty so….

  • Is the chia community finally dead…

    Ps, I bought pc stuff from Amazon before the Gerry Harvey tax, and the GPU, power supplies still working til this day never refunded it once.

    So no idea about Newegg.

    • Far from
      There's been a resurgence in netspace over the last 6 hours lol

      Overall netspace is still high. People are speculating for the long term.

      • a minor blip on the chart isn't a pattern though

        this is the chart you need to look at…


        • Price doesn't indicate if Chia is disappearing or not. Netspace does, that indicates how much hard drives people are willing to throw into Chia. There's no real correlation between netspace and price (most likely because those who are pumping storage space into Chia don't care about today's price but rather speculating for a payoff down the track).

          Yes you're right a single blip isn't a pattern, the constant blips after drops in the netspace shows people are willing to jump back in or throw more into Chia when opportunity arises.

    • It's not about still working to this day lol that has nothing to do with the retailer, it's the having support if your half a grand hard drive dies after 90 days lol, sure it doesn't happen often but if it does you want to be able to rma and return it.

  • By god thats a huge drive!

  • how many of these do I need to start my own Youtube competing company?

  • Personally I would not be ordering anything from overseas at the moment unless you are desperate to save a few bucks and prepared to wait an extra 2-3 months for it to arrive.


    'Some experts believe the dispute could cause stock to trapped for between eight to 12 weeks at ports and the issue could even cripple the economy.'

    • That article is about shipping ports.
      When you order from overseas, you're getting the delivery by air.

      • Obviously there will be substantial increase in demand for air deliveries as a result of this development, as sea becomes something to strongly avoid. It can only increase delivery times.

    • sadly "an extra few $$" on these drives can be hundreds of $$ per drive

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