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Orbitkey Active Key Holder $26.32 ($23.69 for New Customers) + $7.95 Delivery ($0 with $50 Order) @ Stem

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  • +6

    Obitkey: leaves other keyrings for dead.

  • Spent too long deciding on what colour to get and they all disappeared :|

  • What's the difference between this and rubber Orbitkey 2.0?

  • oos for non leather ones…

  • +4

    Why are these key holders so popular?

    • +5

      No idea. They're ugly as sin

      • I dunno for me personally I had the house keys and car keys seperate and when I out, I just leave the house keys in the car. If I go to work via public transport I’d just have house keys in my bag.

        I guess if I went out with friends, caught a train to city then yeah I guess this would be good to house keys so at least I can feel that’s in my pocket

    • +1

      They're not. This store just had a pathetic amount of stock (IMO,).

  • Difference between this
    and This cheapo from ebay.
    In fact saw this in my local newsagency for ~$10.

    • Cool I’ll just try this lol

    • Even at $10, these seem overpriced. I don't know why people would 3-4 times that for this particular brand.

    • The locking mechanism. On the cheaper one a drop of threadlocker and its all good

  • +1

    the only people i know with these got it as a present

  • Better get a Keysmart!

  • Got my order today. They threw this little gift https://www.stemonline.com.au/products/orbitkey-multi-tool. Thanks OP.