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Orbitkey Key Organiser Active (Midnight Blue) $23.03 (Was $32.90) + Delivery (Free Express Delivery for $50+) @ David Jones


A range of Orbitkey products on sale, below.

Active JET BLACK $23.03 (Was $32.90)

Leather ESPRESSO / BROWN $31.43 (Was $44.90)
Leather NAVY / TAN $31.43 (Was $44.90)
Leather CHARCOAL / GREY $31.43 (Was $44.90)
Leather BLUSH / BLUSH $34.93 (Was $49.90)
Leather STONE / GREY $34.93 (Was $49.90)
Leather BLACK / BLACK $34.93 (Was $49.90)

Crazy Horse OAK BROWN / BROWN $34.93 (Was $49.90)
Crazy Horse CHESTNUT BROWN / BROWN $34.93 (Was $49.90)

Free delivery for orders over $50 spend, otherwise $10.

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Clever organisation for better living

The Orbitkey Key Organiser was launched in 2013 and refined once more via crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. What started off as a side project for two blokes to transform their own messy bundle of keys into a beautiful and silent stack, has now turned into a mission to provide clever organisation solutions for better living.

Key Organiser
The Key Organiser is fully customisable, accommodating between 2-7 standard keys, alongside add-on accessories such as the 2.0 bottle opener and USB. For bulkier items such as car keys and apartment fobs, the included D-ring attachment can be used.

You can now say goodbye to jingling keys, scratches on phone screens, damaged wallets and holes in pockets and welcome your new everyday carry essential!

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David Jones
David Jones

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  • Where is there stock available?

  • +4

    Get the active one over the leather one!

    • Does the rubber one last longer/have more grip?

      • +3

        yeah! I had the leather one then switched over to the active one and still using it today. Just last longer, wear and tear is much less obvious on the active rubber silicone feeling material than leather. My leather orbitkey started to deform to the shape of the keys over time as well, no issue with the active one.

        Also I had a brown colour leather that started looking dirty after a few years..

        • +1

          Ah thanks for me letting know! I had a feeling just by looking at the images that may be the case! Ta

    • +1

      Sometimes rubber wears off over the years and becomes this nasty sticky residue on top. Can I assume this does not happen?

      • it hasnt happened for me, but I think thats because its not really rubber.

        "Durable and waterproof TPU Polymer"

        It feels more like silicone in touch.

        • There isn't much that is made from rubber now as plastics are better.

    • I got the active one during their Kickstarter campaign and I'm still using it today! It's really durable

  • I used one of these for years, they're pretty good. Only changed because I wanted a change of keyring.

    • How’s the leather and material holding up?

      • It was fine when I stopped using it. Obviously a little worn, but not in a bad way and no tearing.

      • I have a leather one from their original Kickstarter (2013) that holds 3 keys plus bottle opener with a car fob on the D-ring. The leather is now quite soft and flops about a bit but generally not an issue. I believe these current leather models are slightly fatter which should offer better shape holding.

  • Those who own it, how long do they last before it falls apart?

    • +12

      I have had my active (non-leather) one since 2017. There's the usual scuff marks esp on the metallic bit, but otherwise holding up very well. I do not look after it well lol. I just chuck it into bags, pockets with other stuff all the time.


      • Looks just like mine! Except mine is only 4 weeks old, not years. It looks like they hold up well.

    • +1

      I've had mine for probably six years now. Bit of discolouring, but still perfectly functional

    • I've had my leather Orbitkey 2.0 since 2017 and use it daily with no issues. Before that I had the 1.0 version I bought during 2014. The 1.0 is still fine.

    • +1

      I've been rocking the leather for 3 years now and it's always in my pocket. Apart from some natural discolouration/patina in the leather it still looks great. Got the charcoal one.

    • +1

      I rocked the original leather orbit key from their 2014(?) kickstarter launch until earlier this year when I updated to a new one. I ran the OG one with 4 keys on the module and a car key and samsung bar usb on the separate hanger thingo and the OG orbit key kept up real well, the leather did crease and become supple, but it didnt fray or scuff. The OG locking mechanism held up good too and seldom came loose and a quick closewise turn re-align it to the locking tab was all that was needed.

      The current model is defo an improvement on the OG one as well with a better locking mechanism, inclusions of a spring washer and contoured car key hanger thingo.

  • +3

    Active is unavailable.

  • +3

    I have one but just don't really know what the point is. They add a lot of bulk and it's not like keys are fragile and need protecting.

    • +2

      But the things they scratch need protecting e.g. wallet, mobile phone screen. This helps eliminate that from happening.

      • +1

        This helps eliminate that from happening.

        So does thinking where you put things.

        If you don't put your phone or wallet in the same pocket / purse pocket as your keys then the keys can't scratch anything.

    • You bought a product that you dont know the purpose of? and you couldn't figure out it would add bulk?

      • It was a gift.

      • +2

        Let the man ozbargain! : Buy, then try…

    • +1

      Yes i agree, i cant really see the point i try and minimize the bulk in my pockets not add to it. Also most car keys have a large fob that wont fit in the Orbitkey anyway.

    • +2

      don't really know what the point is

      my thoughts exactly when I first laid eyes on the design

    • +2

      Reduce bulk by stacks as all of the keys stack perfectly, and the shape means they're not sticking into you/getting caught on things etc. Keys in this are much more compact than on a normal keyring.

  • +1

    Glenmorangie on sale if you need to add something to get free delivery


    Also the bottle opener accessory is only $7.50 free delivery on Amazon


  • Keyport ftw

  • +1

    Just a silly question, whats the maximums number of keys you would/can use on this.

    • 7.

      • In an ideal world with skinny keys. If you've got a key with a plastic handle they thatll take 2+ spots….

    • says 2-7. you can add an extended post to go 7-11 keys.

      in before Slurpee jokes.

    • Edit: See above

  • Does it worth it over the cheaper options at aliexpress? Material wise?

  • few of them out of stock already!

    got a chestnut leather one, its in my pocket all day so colour not really a problem.'

  • +2

    Navy not discounted.

  • +1

    My crazy horse one lasted for a year before the edge of the leather just had a fine strand of leather come off the coated edge where the D ring rubs. Replaced with a new one under 2 year warranty. No issues just has to prove purchase and picture. I like the leather feel and its black so has held up well otherwise. The active version probably a longer lasting option. Price good.. Good find OP

    • Mine came off too, but it’s cosmetically annoying

      • I'm going to try fabric glue to fix the edge

    • +9

      Yeah millennials don't have keys because what would they be opening /s

      • -5

        Yeh true. But seriously I only have 1 key which opens every door, window, gate to my house, and my car keys are modern style, key less entry. Whenever I see a keyring with keys on it I think old man for sure.
        Edit: Username checks out ;)

  • has this ended? Back to rrp now

    • All the fugly colours still available

      • yeh…nah haha

  • How does it compare to $10 ebay ones?

    • better

    • +1

      More expensive

  • +1

    Here's mine, I think it was v1.0 after Kickstarter. Has a few stray threads but otherwise still very good.


    • +1

      Must be a bit annoying you can't get the loose key in the organiser. Can you get the rod extender to get it to fit

    • +5

      That's like saying clothes are cheaper if you have a sewing machine.

  • +6

    If anyone is with Athena Home Loans, I received an email offering 2 free gifts. One big, one small.

    An Orbitkey was one of the big perks but was previously out of stock, has just become available.


    Seems like you just use your referral code as the "Ultimate Code"

  • Wow what a great "big" perk! How exciting!

    • +1

      Seeing as this deal got 64 positive votes and Athena's free perk is the same model(minus the Athena logo).
      $23 on special at DJ + delivery as opposed to Athena's free version with free shipping, I think it's a pretty good deal.

  • I'm sure it is mate, it's all relative. If I was into key organisers then yours would be a great 'deal' too.

  • Alternative here

  • My order got cancelled yesterday :/

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