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HBO Max Ad-Free Monthly Plan US$7.49 (~A$10.31) Per Month for 6 Months (VPN Required) @ Google Play


I managed to subscribe through Google Play. The plan is usually (USD) $14.99.

This plan includes their upcoming major movies. Dune, The Matrix 4, etc.

Users report HBO will only accept an US-issued credit card, so subscribing through Google Play is the easiest way.

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  • Merged from HBO Max Are Offering 50% off Their Ad-Free Monthly Plan for Six Months

    Unsure,if anyone is interested. I thought that i would post about it. (USD) $7.49 which is (AUD) $10.31. I managed to sub through Google Play. The plan is usually (USD) $14.99.

    This plan includes their upcoming major movies. Dune,The Matrix 4,etc.


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      Unable to pay using a Aus credit card. Any quick ways to do this before Sunday.

      • You can buy a GC from https://www.mygiftcardsupply.com/

      • I paid for mine through a US google account, linked to my paypal with an aussie credit card (28 degrees). Cheaper than paying a premium for gift cards.

        • How hard is it to set up a US google account? Also is your paypal account a US one?

          • @serpserpserp: I set it up behind a VPN, was relatively easy.

            My paypal account is AU.

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    So is this $10.31 per month or for the entire 6 months. If it is per month does it increase after this initial period? Your post is a bit vague.

    • It is per month it seems… says on US website

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    Is VPN required for sign-up only or also for watching?

    I presume the pricing is monthly but you have written "$10.31 for 6 months"

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      $7.49 USD p/m for 6 months

    • Both

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    The promo pricing is per month for the first 6 months. VPN is required while sub and streaming.

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    I prefer to wait for torrents.

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      Agreed, this HBO max release/disney+ premier strategy has only made piracy easier

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    I've tried the HBO max app on Android TV but it stops working after a few minutes. I've not subscribed as it's not worth it for me to watch through a browser or cast through phone.

    Has anyone has success with Android TV?

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      It worked for me in the UK (with US VPN at the time) but didn't work well here. It would often buffer.

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      OECK VPN works flawlessly for me. Either sideload the application that you can download from their webpage oeck.com or use a VPN client such as VPN Client Pro and use their ovpn file.

      I personally use VPN Client Pro and I can define which apps use the vpn and which ones use the default route.

      • I use OpenVPN with NordVPN and it works well for the US and UK content.

        Might try a different version of the HBO app and see how that works.

  • Couldnt get my cc to work? Says u need a us issued cc???

    • i wondered if that would happen. Thanks for confirming. If they're isn't a method of circumventing that then this is an unobtainable deal.

      • Probably works with some prepaid cards and 28 degrees etc.

        But it's too much stuffing around for me.

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    Been using this for years now.

    You need US google account and sub via Google Play.

    Alternatively you can buy HBO Now gift card.

    Have been using with Express VPN, on Nvidia Shield 2019.

    No buffer.

    • How to sign up for a US Google account?

  • Is there an app for this on TV?
    How would you watch on TV without going through browser

    • a VPN configured on your Router that the TV connects to

    • I use getflix dns, works well.

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