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[NSW, VIC, QLD] 30% off 4 Soups + 4 Meal Snacks (Pies, Filo, Quiche) Meal Bundles over $99 & Free Shipping @ Cooked Up


How it works?
Use these Coupons:

Pick any bundle below or any meal from the store with value of over $99, apply one or both coupons in your order and you will receive the 4 Snacks and or 4 Soups (or both) at the checkout page with the 30% applied to the Snacks or Soups.
We usually do not allow any coupons on our already discounted Bundle boxes so this is for a limited time till Wednesday 29 September 8am.

If you want to see the Snacks Sizes 145g to 280g - (Pies, Filo, Quiche) -
If you want to see the Soups - Sizes Large 550g
Filter it in the All Meals Page here https://www.cookedup.com.au/all-meals/

Bundle 1: 15 for $99.99 and Apply the Coupons as above to get them in your cart at checkout.

Bundle 2: 20 X Pre Made Meals for $129.99 and apply the coupons as above to get them in your cart at checkout

Bundle 3: 20 Gluten Free Meals for $130 - and apply the coupons as above to get them in your cart at checkout

Bundle 4: 24 X Pre Made Meals for $149.99 - and apply the coupons as above to get them in your cart at checkout

Just Microwave for 2 Minutes - No Meal Prep Required
Get Hooked Up With Cooked Up
🌎A World of Flavours
😋 Big On Taste Big On Results
💯 Locally Sourced Ingredients from 🇦🇺Australian Farmers

Meal Prep Food Delivery Online Store Specialising in:
💪 Protein Muscle Meals
🎚 Weight Loss Meals
⚖ Balanced Meals
🍅 Vegetarian & Vegan Range
🍪 Snacks ❗
🍹 Beverages Coming Soon ❗
🥑 Keto Bowls - Coming Soon ❗️

1. Cut off for deliveries is Wed 8am to get delivery in the next 7 days
2. Our Ingredients are delivered Fresh on Wednesday
3. We Cook all the meals Fresh on Thursday
4. The Meals then get shipped on Friday to arrive to you Fresh the following SAT-TUE

🚚Delivered by Refrigerated Transport in Chilled Packed Boxes.
So you get all your meals FRESH not FROZEN.
All packaged via the latest vacuum/gas technology packaging systems.

*** OUR GOAL ***
Our goal is to help provide Australian families with convenient, healthy, fresh options meals for the whole family.
With fresh produce from local farms, we are giving back and supporting the farmers.
Cooked Up thrives on hooking your taste buds up weekly with our meals, Fresh meals will last for 7+ days shelf life or 12 weeks if you freeze the meals upon delivery.

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