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DoorDash - 20% off Orders over $40 (Max Discount $15) / 30% off Order over $40 & Free Delivery for DashPass Members


DoorDash promo - 20% off select restaurants up to a max $15. Min $40 spend. As part of NRL promo. Enjoy.

DashPass Members: Enjoy 30% off orders worth $40+ and of course, $0 delivery fees. Use code: FOOTYDEALS

Referral Links

Referral: random (2031)

Referee gets $5-$15 off first 1-3 orders over $10-$20. Referrer gets $12-$20 credit once referee places an order over $20. Keep clicking to find the best offer for you.


$400 Bonus for referrer and referee if referee does a certain amount of deliveries.

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    DashPass Members: Enjoy 30% off orders worth $40+ and of course, $0 delivery fees. Use code: FOOTYDEALS

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    Last time they did this promo I literally couldn't find a single restaurant that accepted the voucher. Doordash are criminal the way they advertise discounts which you can't actually use because nowhere accepts them.

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      unlucky to live where you are - i've got 12+ places where they accept them in a 5km radius

      • I've got 14 in my area that are apart of this promo.

    • Many restaurants around my area have this offer.

    • This particular deal (I live near Sydney CBD) has heaps of restaurants 10+ accepting the coupon — I suppose it just depends on your area.

    • Just unlucky, did you check which restaurants are applicable through the app?
      Should talk to your local stores about it, rather than being salty at Doordash.
      I feel like the restaurants are on some sort of agreement/plan which gives customers access to these deals

  • You can also use the promo code and apply to future orders which you have scheduled in advance :)

  • Reject Shop is a part of this offer, $40 is a lot to spend there though 😂

  • No pickup for this offer.

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    Customer service is the worst. Impossible to get a satisfactory outcome.

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    It doesn't let me use it:

    "Unfortunately, this promotion is not available at this location."

    Tried different restaurants; doesn't work.

  • Only for today?

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    Most of the restaurants in my area it doesnot work…useless promotion

  • How long till uber eats folds

  • I feel like people don't know how to check which restaurants
    The best way to check is through the app, click on the "order now of the promotion banner"
    It should list it out.

    About 10 in my area, and i live in a pretty crummy spot

  • Damn clickbait, couldn't find anywhere ended up with uber eats $15 off promo.

  • When expire?

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    How do you know if a restaurant is participating or not? Or just have to randomly try the code at checkout one by one?

  • Think this has expired now …

  • Still works. Tried just now

  • Back on for nrl grand final weekend