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Craftright 70 Piece Screwdriver Set $24.90 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings Warehouse


It was $29.98
The craftright 70 pce screwdriver set is perfect for your next DIY project featuring soft grip handles and durable Chrome Vanadium steel with Magnetic tips.
The set includes:
5 x Slotted screwdrivers
6 x Phillips screwdrivers
5 x Torx screwdrivers
8 pce precision screwdrivers
20 x 25mm screwdriver bits
6 x Nut drivers
1 x Screwdriver bit handle
16 x Hex keys in metric & Sae
1 x Offset pick
1 x Straight pick
1 x Wall mountable rack

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  • Craftright. One screw then [email protected]#ked

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      Craftright. One screw then [email protected]#ked screwed.

      FTFY :)

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      I have a number of screwdrivers from various brands including super expensive vde wiha and wera ones and I can confident say that my craft right ones have done a pretty good job and aren't as bad as you say.

      I normally have a crappy set that I use depending on the use case and my craft right ones along with a aldi vde set have survived hours of abuse.

      I do remember buying some "Stanley" ones in the early 2000's that I'm pretty sure we're made oif of some type of cheese. These however are "good enough" for most DIY's

      • My Stanley set from the 90s is mostly ok. Hinge on case broken so gets held on with a one inch wide piece of car inner tube. Medium Phillips is a bit reshaped (someone else did it, suspect user error)

  • Where do you store commonly used tools like this? House? Garage? Shed?

    I have my shed for my big and small tools at the top of my block. But bit annoyingly far just to grab a hammer. So I frequently have copies in the house. Usually poorly organised. I ​have one of these mounted to the side of my book case in my study.

    I think a big enclosed garage would be ideal or a dedicated room in the house.

    • I do the exact same.
      I have good tools in the shed/workshop area but have a tool bag in the house with the most commonly needed tools. Just screw drivers and pliers really.

    • I keep a set of a few things in the house, the rest of my stuff is in my shed (Where I am atm, I have a few PC's and others stuff in as well).

      Organisation is king with tools, worst when you have to look for stuff you really need

      • What are you doing with those PCs up there?

        • Gaming PC, internet and other stuff pc (as well as my other steam account), work PC.
          Also have a pile of 4x laptops originally for my 3d printers and tons of other bits and pieces…you know the normal like a 65" tv lol