3 Seater Slipcover Sofa $899 (Was $999) @ Temple & Webster


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    Rather get 3.5% cash back by supporting Cashrewards because they don’t spam us with shit deals.

    • Many dead cashback sites before this just cashed in, hardly paid out. To establish a reputaion wont be easy. Waste of time, OP!

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    Saving $100 is like nothing .

    • +2

      Furniture is like carpet should have more discount before you can call it bargain

      • OP chose big ticket item to advertise for high commission each purchase. It can collect money fast and maybe shut down site before payout is due.

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    It wont be easy to start a similar website. Didnt you know any of those failed before yours?

  • +1

    How is $100 a bargain… ? Have dealt with these guys in the past .. very misleading advertisement….. Dont bother !

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    Shipping to 2000 NSW


    A 10% discount with killer shipping cost.

    Yeah, Nah.

    • The post is more about swooped than T&W in my view.

    • I was about to say check the shipping cost …. With the massive discount i rather get something that you can see and feel first.

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    When you've posted 12 deals as a rep and your most successful one got 8 upvotes I think it's time to rethink your strategy going forward.

    • +1

      This is a cashback report many year ago and only CR exists till now. SB AU is new comer since 2019 or 2018. Some scammer site like shopandmint closed. Jamjar did not even last a year or so. It had some low upvoted posts like swooped.

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    $120.95 shipping to SA.

    Yeah… Nah! No deal. Better off shopping in store

  • This looks like a premium outdoor patio bong couch