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US$25 Gift Card for Registering & Attending The 2021 VEEAM ON Update Event


AMERS (ET) Oct. 13 @10am-12pm so I assume that is around 12am Melbourne time.
(Apparently you can get 25 USD gift card for attending the event but unsure as to what countries are listed within the restriction.)
also, need to login on the day to claim the gift card it says

Description of event:
Two hours of action-packed sessions featuring all NEW product releases, demos and use cases since VeeamON in May
Plus, two hours of bonus sessions dedicated to our partner community

Register and join us on the day of the event for the chance to secure a $25 USD gift card for lunch on us*!
* Must attend to be eligible and valid only while supplies last. Recipients will be notified after VeeamON Update. Restrictions apply. Not available in all countries.

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  • inb4 people call Veeam a scam.

    Meanwhile plenty of data is uploading to my datacentre via Veeam at this moment. Works well for being a 'scam'.

    • More info, fellow IT worker?
      What part do people accuse of scamming?

      Never heard a bad thing about veeam personally.

      • -1

        Veeam Cloud Connect. So if you're already using Veeam to backup your servers, data etc. then with this component you can have an offsite backup as well.

        People called Veeam a scam when they haven't got the previous giveaways. That is when Veeam blocked OzBargain so people did workarounds to bypass that and using fake business emails.

        • Ah ok.
          We just backup to 2 different data centres. Never needed to use any 'offers' from the company.

          Been pretty flawless for us.

          • @MasterScythe: We own our own data centre so there's a lot of different products in use for different things and Veeam is one of them. It's a really good product for Hyper-V. Like for testing you can instantly restore a VM into Hyper-V temporarily.

            • @Clear: Exactly what we use it for :)

              I hate hyper-v…. But i cant hate how well it integrates into partner software.

              I think my scariest experience was when I changed workplace, and nobody told me we had a cluster.

              Upon rebooting a VM, it literally disapeared on me, because hyperV took the reboot as 'maximum load' and balanced it to another host.

              Totally scared the crap out of me, lol.

              • @MasterScythe: I love Hyper-V compared to others like VMware. I had a guy screw up bigger than that. He didn't understand checkpoints, turned a server off, changed all the VHDX sizes and switched it back on. Once the checkpoint merged it killed the server as it thought it had corrupted disks.

                The worst part? Exchange server rip.

                • @Clear: Yeah esxi and proxmox are just way more my cuppa tea.

                  But ouch, thats not a fun scenario to be in. Ive had to disaster recovery a hybrid exchange once…. Getting o365 to play ball with your data is less fun than a nail in the foot.

                  • @MasterScythe: ESXI and all that is what I worked with originally. I still use VMware in conjunction with HPE Simplivity.

                    Exchange is messy in general. HAFNIUM introduced a lot of broken servers when attempting to patch for companies that never patched or had incompetent in-house IT. Never moved so many to O365 in such a short period.

    • +1

      Because you work for a Veeam partner, you won't have any trouble receiving all the free merchandise on offer.

      • +1

        Correct because I am the intended target of the offers.

        If you do workarounds to try and get offers that you're not the intended recipient of then you really can't complain when you don't get it.

  • I got the email with 1 click registration but didn't mention about gift card

  • +1

    Love the title

  • Any trick to registering without a business email? I assume they'd send the gift card through there?

    • +5
      • Brilliant, thanks bot :)

      • Genius. 👍

      • Will they actually honour the deal once they check the Bulc.club generated email against their list of business partner domains?

        I used your hack for the last t-shirt competition, and received an email saying I didn't meet the eligibility criteria and so won't ship the item. Maybe, it was a random audit.

    • Genius. 👍

  • Did this before but it was not being honoured because it was targeted. They have now all my details and SPAM me.

  • +2

    for the chance to secure a $25 USD gift

    Isn't this just a sweepstakes? Sorry OP just neg for awareness, as this is just data harvesting lol…and a pretty stingy attempt at one too.

  • $25 USD gift card for lunch

    Where will you be able to use a US$25 gift card for lunch in Australia? And gift card for where. I assume it's not a prepaid Visa or MasterCard

    Not available in all countries

    Insufficient details on whether or not Australia will be eligible (and as noted by OP) so a lot of people could be potentially wasting their time.

    for the chance

    So it's a competition? So confusing.

  • +2

    chance to secure a $25 USD gift card

    Not guaranteed. Also every time I have done a veeam offer, I was told I wasn't part of the mailing list and are ineligible.

    • Same here. I got their junk and tshirts but the price I paid was lots of SPAM!

  • They did this the last time, got nothing

  • YMWV - I never received anything from Veeam so far for any of the previous deals

  • -1

    Oh keen.
    Ive been looking forward to this event the VEEAM events tend to have good product demos, not just endless slideshow marketing.

  • is this in person event or a Zoom thing?

    • I highly doubt veeam would use zoom.
      But I do believe its a webinar with streaming content, if thats what you meant.

  • Did anyone actually receive it? I logged in on the day and 'watched' a full 2-hour live session