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10% off Woolworths Supermarket eGift Cards (Max $400 Face Value) @ Australian Unity Wellplan Rewards (Membership Required)


The Wellplan Rewards program is only accessible by Australian Unity health insurance policyholders who have held a policy for at least 30 days (excluding overseas visitor cover).

Appears to be a $400 limit (pay $360 to receive a $400 gift card).

Appears to be part of the mother's day sale, however the deal only comes up when searching for Woolworths in the search function.

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Referrer gets $100 Visa Gift Card.

This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2024.

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    Can anyone sign up for an account?

    • i look forward to an answer as i have the same question

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      From this page looks like you need private health cover with them.

    • +1

      No. There is also a waiting period, so you couldn't sign up to AU health insurance and then cancel it within the cooling off period.

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        Thanks for sharing this mate. This promo comes along about once every 12-24 months.

        Free money with zero effort for members

  • I have banking with Aus Unity, no health insurance
    Am I eligible? Or do I have to have health insurance ? As for Medikrank Dystopia, time to ditch the -itch and make the switch

    • I have Comprehensive Car Insurance with them, so am interested as well

      • Dont think so. I have home insurance with them. However, couldn't register an account, asking for a membership number.

  • I was only able to buy $360 not $400

    • Do you mean you spent $324 to get $360 worth of gift cards?

      Or you spent $360 to get $400 of gift cards?

    • +1

      I entered $400 in the purchase field and was charged $360. If you've only bought $360 worth you should be able to still buy another $40 gift card. The popup is misleading.

  • Do you mean total discount $400? that's mean i can buy $4k?

    • Enter $400 in the gift card amount field and you should be charged $360.

  • Gift card cant buy gift card :(

  • Love it when this one comes along. Just paid $180 for a $200 card, thanks OP!

  • +1

    This ‘sale’ has been with aus unity for over two months now. Definitely not just here for Mother’s Day so no rush.

    • turns out that it did end so there was a rush :-(

  • +1

    Nice find. Indeed doesn't seem related to mothers day. There is a cap of 1 per month when you maximise the discount.

  • Expired?

    • Sadly, seems to be yeah.

  • Dammit… joined, had to wait 30 days for access, and now it's gone.

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