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Wilson Roland Garros Clay Court 4 Ball Can 12 Can Case $12 + $9.95 Delivery ($0 with Club Catch) @ Tennis Gear via Catch


4 ball can, 12 can case

Seems cheap to me.
Not sure the difference between the clay court balls?

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    That's a lot of balls.

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      balls to the walls! 2 is all you need.

  • I don’t play on clay but bought 2 cartoons, good deal 👍

    • I don’t play at all - bought 2 cartoons, good deal

      • I don't at all - bought 2 cartons, good deal

      • Smart, good for doggies

  • So that's 12x4 balls for $12?
    What about delivery?

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    Ball differences

    If you use a hard court, extra duty ball on a clay court surface, the clay will penetrate the felt and cause the ball to puff up. If you use a clay court, regular duty ball on a hard court surface, the ball's durability is compromised and it will wear down much quicker.

  • It's typically $12 for a can, not a case. Probably a pricing error.

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    Definitely price error. It's selling for $179 on the store website. Bought 2…

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      Same here. Bought 2 cartons. Worth a shot 😉

  • Who knows, they might honour it….. hopefully as i bought 3 …..

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    Nice going Brodens.

  • catch are well known to cancel these price error orders but good luck to those who got i!

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    dam I play tennis about 3-4 times a week. If anyone manages to get these and don't need it, I'm happy to take it off ya xD

    • Back in stock. Perhaps they are just trying to move stocks due to no one playing.

      • I supposed it does say they're from 2020. Would the balls lose pressure in 1 year?

        • back in stock again

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          for someone who plays with balls about 3-4 times a week should know the answer?

          • @klownvandamn: Well I've never left my new balls "untouched" for a year so I wouldn't know what happens to them :D

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              @XxDonniexX: Takes about 2 years to lose pressure, but have been known to change colour after a year not being used.

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    They won't honour it based on previous experience.
    This https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/601847

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      Lol, can't believe they would make the same exact mistake again

      • Damn at jump in RRP however. Inflation is going to be an absolute, incredible, crippling, lulu over the next few years.

      • I guess this is a marketing strategy, people may buy a tennis racket or other things.

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    Back in stock again 😂

    • wth.. they must be trolling us

      • Idk. Gathering people’s details maybe.

        • Or getting people to start their free club catch trial, hoping they'll buy something else

    • Couldn’t place an order though

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    Should I buy knowing it was refunded the last time ?

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      Wouldn't waste my time. Same happened for some electric stand up desk that they kept restocking even tho it was obviously price error too.

  • They will just cancel and refund…again

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    Just got an email saying this has been shipped. 96 balls for $30 - not bad

    • honestly i’m not surprised it shipped. I did another order for those Greenies Cat treats it was clearly an error, listing 10 packs for $9.95. So on a whim I purchased 5 x
      It was shipped…

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        Yeh I’ve done one before for tennis balls and it got cancelled. Oh well, I’ll take it!

        • has yours been delivered yet?

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            @kerserlilwayne: Nope but it’s in Sydney and should arrive tomorrow. I’ll let you know when it arrives

  • Order delayed, but not cancelled. Yet.

    • Any luck? My order is delayed also. Fingers crossed it goes through.

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    My order arrived but it was only 2 cans, not 2 can cases. I’ve messaged the seller on Catch

    • That's exactly what I thought would probably happen …the description was "Wilson Roland Garros Clay Court 4 Ball Can 12 Can Case" which is ambiguous but when you look at the pictures , it shows a case in the background ! Well,I know the seller would try and play smart but would catch do anything about it ? I have two "cases" on the way and if they are two can ,then I can't and I would raise the issue too..

    • That's very expensive then. How do we challenge catch to get either the 2 cases or refund?
      The order mentions "2 × Wilson Roland Garros Clay Court 4 Ball Can 12 Can Case" anyway

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    Only got 1 can. Raised issue with catch and the seller for the remaining cans.
    Description and photo clearly shows 12 cans.
    Very deceptive.

    • let me know how you went, as i will also need to raise an issue with Catch.

      We can try to advise it was a failure to supply goods matching their description. Covered under the consumer guarantees of the ACL, S56 – guarantees to supply of goods by description.

    • I got one can too.. weird some got 2.

    • One can also received. Assume they're swapping cans for cases. Dispute raised with Catch.

  • Order sent but expecting disappointment as some noted what was shipped was not what was advertised. How did you go with complaints to catch?

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    This is for another price error item I had purchased.

    Subject: Question about delivery

    Thanks for reaching out to us.

    I've looked into this for you and can see that a technical error has resulted in this being displayed as a 10 pack when this this price and listing is just for the single pack.

    As a goodwill gesture, I've now refunded this order for you. You do not have to return the received items back to us.

    Thank you and apologies for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

    • Did you got in touch with the Seller? or Catch?

  • My order was sent yesterday but I guess I'm expecting just two cans next week instead of two cases. Did anyone have any luck complaining to Catch?

    • I got 2 cans too. I sent a message to the sellers 2 days ago. Haven't had a response from them so I've now raised a dispute with Catch trying to ask for a return.

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        Sounds like I'll be doing the same then. Would rather they have just cancelled the order instead of shipping two cans and having to raise a dispute.

  • Have raised a dispute with catch since had no reply to my message to seller on 15/10. So far catch has acknowledged the ticket and liaised with seller.

    • I’ve also done this just now, any updates from catch?

  • Catch responses saying send the item back for a full refund. Only solution is use PayPal for the return to cover cost of shipping for those who used PayPal.

    • Thanks for the head up, awaiting same answer. Have used PayPal and didn't even unpacked the cans. Hope we can rate the seller somewhat…

  • Yup. Received my single can, sadly didn't pay with PayPal for some reason, so it'll cost me shipping to return it.

    • I haven't received a response from the seller yet, will follow up with catch now. Even though I paid with PayPal, I would challenge having to pay for return as it is their fault. They are basically pushing for us to give up and keep the cans instead of forking as much for return.