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Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Black and White $120 ($100 with Newsletter) Delivered @ The Iconic


Pretty slick kicks, not the cheapest you can get these shoes, but the cheapest for a "normal" colour (i.e. one that doesn't look you've already been sick on them) and lots of sizes available.

Need the discount code from signing up to the newsletter, you must use the same email you order with and codes are unique.

Also technically leather shoes if you have a dress code for "lace-up leather shoes"

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  • +1

    Iconic 7 points per $ via Qantas mall

  • +3

    Thanks mate. Been eyeing the black/white leather ones for some time. Bought a pair. Great price 👍

    • Mate did you or anyone else buy using the $20 discount code from signing up with the newsletter? I get this message when I try and apply the code at the cart:

      Your code has not been applied as no items were eligible. Please note items can only have one discount applied.

      • Yeah, I did actually.
        Signed up with the email and created an account at the same time. I received 2 emails, a welcome email for the account creation and a newsletter email with the $20 code.
        $100 total delivered.

        • How did you get around the mobile number section? That’s if you’ve created more then 1 account.

  • Hey guys, is this comfortable for casual wear? I had a slip on one and it hurts on top and side of my foot.

    • +2

      They're fine unless you're planning on walking for hours. They don't have a lot of padding though, so I definitely wouldn't consider them a sports shoe.

      • They're slim, not padded, that's true, but that's not an issue. You just wear them with appropriately padded socks, ones that suit you. Explorer is probably the most padded, I guess, but there are many other sport socks options. The challenge is to get your size right when ordering online. For me, size 10us Mexico fits like size 11us on today's (modern) Nike sneakers, for instance. I think the sizing of Nike classics is similar to Onitsuka sizing (just my experience), though.

    • +2

      Very comfortable as a casual shoe. I bought mine for 30$ though at the outlet. Ended up buying about 3 pairs of these. Love em.

      I also have issues with the toe box being too tight, and these aren't that tight and restrictive

      • -2

        Wait so the guy at the top getting neg bombed by idiots was actually correct? These were going for $30?

        He was only a tiny $10 off but he was on the right message

        • +1

          They do go super cheap in other colours and in weird sizes, basically they'll be made in random colour combinations to see what sells (and to attract "collectors") and the ones that don't sell will go on deep discount because shops don't like have one size 13 pair in brown and pink.

        • That was possible in physical stores for leftover pairs and colour combinations that do not sell easily. I'm sure many ozbargainers have noticed that online pricing is actually not as good as traditional physical outlets used to be. I guarantee that's the case for Nike, Superdry and Onitsuka, as I used to visit those outlets in my nearby outlet centre. Internet stores benefiting big corporations during the pandemic, and their profits are actually on display for everyone to see. It will settle, hopefully, soon.

    • -2

      They're as comfortable as walking on a yellow pages book. I've owned at least 6 pairs of these and I always replace the factory soles with soles from a shoe store.

    • +1

      They're great once you jam your feet into them.

      Fantastic driving shoe, too.

    • +9

      @cobrakai I remember when karate kid was cool, about 37 years ago..
      Surprised people are paying money to watch washed up actors from yesteryear, from a movie franchise died years ago, that is solely relying on people's nostalgia and member-berries.

      Maybe 15 years is enought time for Tigers to be cool again? If not we'll trying in another 22 years! Then it will be as cool as karate kid again.

  • +2

    Onitsuka. The SuperDry of shoes for OZB.

    • LOL the 2 go hand in hand no doubt.. Both over priced, both haven't changed in 20 years

  • I always wanted to buy. But either I missed out on a good deal or priced beyond my willingness to buy. I have been noticing this for a long time. Was watching some new movie at these appear there too. So, probably making a comeback.

  • +3

    Great pair of kicks, I love them.
    Could care less about when they were “in”.
    I have a pair of the kill bills, real comfy, recommend.
    If you expect them to feel like running shoes, avoid.

    • +3

      Yep, they're really good shoes. I have several pairs that I've had for years. Still looking for a good deal on the yellow & black version that I had for years until they started wearing out.

      Couldn't care less if they are trendy or not.

    • +1

      Get the bright blue ones, they go great with Levi loose fit jeans

  • Fell in love with a white pair I had 4 years ago, but as with any white shoes, they got dirty really quickly!

    • White fabric, yes, but leather white are doing just fine.

  • I went all the way to checkout and was about to click submit. Then asked myself "WTF am I doing? I don't wear shoes like this! " .
    Then promptly closed the browser.

    True story. Ozbargainasitis is real!

  • -1

    Wow still available …I am amazed it has not sold out, even though literally barring the colour there is no change :-D ..waiting on the fan boy negs ..I forgot to mention I own one..not the 20 dollar crappy color either the fancy dirty yellow one, not the best footwear experience for the price is how I would put it..I did pay full price .. It is not uncomfortable but not worth the retail or this price..IMHO

  • $100-$120 not good price sorry

    maybe ~$75 is acceptable

  • -2

    Agree with Shaidas. Crazy stupid amount of people negging him for no good reason.

    • You're hilarious, Mr devil's advocate

  • -1

    Nah. Crap shoes with minimal support. Owned a bunch of them for $30-40 bought from the factory outlet.

    This is the equivalent of expensive fashion watches

    • A $30 pair of sneakers is an equivalent of expensive fashion watches. Thanks for your contribution to the discussion.