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[PS4] Stealth Inc Ultimate Edition $0.97, Jurassic World Evolution $10.49, Garfield Kart $7.99 @ PSN Store


weekend offer

Stealth Inc: Ultimate Edition
$0.97 (down from $19.45)
Save 95%
Offer ends 28/9/2021 08:59 GMT+10

Jurassic World Evolution
$10.49 (down from $69.95)
Save 85%
Offer ends 28/9/2021 08:59 GMT+10

Garfield Kart - Furious Racing
$7.99 (down from $39.95)
Save 80%
Offer ends 28/9/2021 08:59 GMT+10

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  • Is Jurassic world good?

    • I enjoyed it on PC. Great fun if you have any nostalgia from Operation Genesis

  • Just in time for school holidays. Nabbed all three

  • +2

    Brilliant, thanks OP. My toddler will love the Garfield game.

    • +2

      I love Garfield, who doesn’t?

  • Garfield is ok for 7.99. it’s like playing Mario kart on the PlayStation..some of the power up items feel like a complete knock off though 😆

    • +1

      But it’s Garfield!!!

      • Yeh, I think they used a lasagna as a turbo power up instead of a mushroom in Mario kart…😆

        • +1

          Buying it now!!!!

  • +3

    Stealth Inc. is a genuinely good game. Absolute steal at that price. Thanks OP :)

    • Yep awesome game! The opening levels are basic but it gets quite complicated soon after!

  • +1

    Stealth Inc is Stealth Bastard?

    • Yeah it's the sequel to it I think. Both great games.

      Edit: Especially if you're a 100% guy like me

  • Stealth Inc is worth way more than $0.97, simple but perfect mechanics and level design made this quite an addictive game for me as I like to get all the collectables, get all the best times, finish the game 100% - which is bloody hard to do, but practice makes it possible - and fun.

  • Dammit.

    They still want $30 for Jurassic Park expansion…I'm just gonna buy it soon lol.

  • I ended up getting

    Stealth Inc
    The Last Book