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Taiwanese Instant & Microwaveable Sticky Fried Rice (2pk) $14.24 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ J-Way Amazon AU


TASTY & FLAVORFUL: Authentic Taiwanese sticky rice, individually packed into single-serving portions.
READY IN UNDER 2 MINUTE! Choose the prepare methods. Microwave, Stovetop or Steam Pot.
PRESERVATIVE FREE: Use of high-pressures sterilization to preserve foods without artificial preservatives.
INDIVIDUAL PACKS: Forget large batches, & washing pots & pans to make You-Fan. Take a pouch to the office or school for an easy lunch, dinner or snack, or stock in your pantry for families and friends!!
QUALITY: Authentic Taiwan origin, and unopened packs have a shelf life up to 1 year in a cool, dry place (no refrigeration necessary)

5% Discount applied at checkout.

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  • +28

    Is it just me, or is 2 packs of microwavable sticky rice a rip off @ $14?!

    Sure, it's not regular rice, but $14 seems ridiculous if you can get other instant rice at a fraction of the cost. Am I misunderstanding something?

    • +7

      It's pretty expensive.

      You can get two portions with meat in it wrapped in bamboo leaf for about $6-8at yum cha

      • Exactly this

      • Agree too. Plus it'll be fresh and not microwaved.

        This is not a bargain…

    • +1

      Yep…my parents can make it every weekend.

      That being said….people who’ve lost their parents would love a taste of something familiar. 😢

      • +4

        Take away from your local Yum Cha joint would be another better option. Support local businesses.

        I do it every Sunday morning.

        • +1

          I really didn't need to know this was a thing O_O

          • @GrueHunter: You’ll know in time…even store bought recipes will remind you of grandparents. 😔

      • +1

        Can I come over to yours?

    • no thanks.

  • +3

    It is expensive !!!

  • +3

    Not worth the price imho. Especially since you can meal prep rice and put it in the fridge for a week. For comparison uncooked basmati rice is ~$15 for 5Kilos.

    • -2

      Not everyone has time to do meal prep.

      • Then buy regular microwave fried rice that's $2 per 250g instead of $7 per 200g bag.

      • +1

        yeah but rice is quick/easy to prep, especially if you already have a rice cooker.

      • -3

        Why exactly was I voted down? Some people are busy.

        • in that case, it'd be more value and nutritious to buy a takeaway meal for $12-15 which has rice, meat and veggies!

      • -2

        The "make it yourself" comments are pretty dumb. Some people don't like cooking or are bad at it and dont have an hour to spare grabbing the ingredients and preparing this. This is not as easy to prepare like white rice.

        • Ozbargainers spend inordinate amounts of time seeking bargains, so lack of time is hardly an excuse.

          PS this is essentially a 1 pot meal and certainly takes less time than cooking rice and other dishes separately.

  • +3

    Where is the bargain?

    • +12

      That seems to be the sticking point

  • You can buy Uncle Ben’s plain or flavoured rices for $1.32 occasionally on Prime for 250grams. The rice above is something like 6x that cost.

    You would have to really like your rice sticky to buy this.

    I prefer long grain brown rices, healthier, much more fibre and keep you full longer. I actually like the nuttier flavour of brown or black or red rices

    • +5

      Apples and oranges

      • Sure but unless you have cultural or special want/need to consume this particular type of rice my comment is valid.

        You wouldn’t pay $14 for 400g of instant rice otherwise this type is rather unhealthy when combined with a normal western diet as it has a very high GI of 86 compared to white at 72 and brown at 50.

    • +2

      lol uncle bens..they're a disgrace to rice.

  • +5

    i wouldn't say 5% off is a bargain for microwave rice…

  • +1

    Looks like a sticky situation

  • +3

    Australians are considered as cash cow, they sold those for $1.5 in Taiwan. You earn more you have to pay more they say. Same as milk bubble tea.

  • +1

    I think you can get ready made microwaveable meal with rice from Woolworths less than that price.

  • +3

    RIP off. More and more adverts here are not bargain whatsoever. They turn OZBARGAIN into OZRIPOFF.

  • +10

    Another OzAdvert, brought to you by some random overcharging company.

    • +1

  • +3

    What the ozbargain? No bargain listed.

  • +8

    This is one of the most blatant non-bargains ever to stain the good pages of this fine website.

  • +3

    And the Bargain here is…..?

  • +2

    In SE Asia like S'pore they call these glutinous rice cones or Zongzi, if you want them freshly made visit any Malaysian restaurant or supermarket and they sell these usually for $5 to $7 each (maybe 250~300g serving size) depending on the type of filling. It's also a staple at dim sum restaurants.

    In an asian mart you can find frozen variants of these that are heat-and-eat (look in the frozen food area), pretty sure they don't cost as much as $15 for a measly 2 servings though.

    • +1

      NO, this is a completely different thing to Zongzi. The only thing that is common between the 2 is that they're both made with glutinous rice.

      This is an example of how Taiwan sticky rice is cooked https://cookinginchinglish.com/taiwanese-sticky-rice-you-fan...

      PS and you will never find zongzi at a decent (if any) yum cha place. You are probably referring to another glutinous rice dish called lo mai gai which IS a yum cha staple.

      Also zongzi is generally eaten during the festival called Duan Wu Jie (although of course you can find it at Asian places all year round).

      • -1

        interesting. So You fan is more like fried rice, while zongzi is steamed or boiled.

        • Zongzi is made by wrapping the glutinous rice in bamboo leaves to form the recognisable triangular shape and is then boiled to fully cook it.

          Sticky rice is cooked pretty much like normal rice (a rice cooker will do fine). In the end they are all boiled I suppose ;)

          The glutinous rice is always fried with the various ingredients (after soaking) to pre flavour it (I'm guessing here) before final cooking (regardless of what you are making).

  • +4

    Taiwan number 1

  • +1

    if it was like 6 packs for $14, even if hadnt tried it before i'd be like 'shutup and take my money' lol.

  • +1

    14 bucks and 5% off. Maybe the seafood is so expensive lmao.

    • Must be the priciest shrimp in the world then.

  • +1

    Not worth it.

    You can buy glutinous rice and make it yourself - heaps of recipes online. Or head to an asian supermarket and they're usually at the front counter wrapped in banana leaf

  • +2

    To be honest, it is pricey but it a local street food in Taiwan.
    Not everyone live in city in Australia.
    If there’s a way to taste home food, why not?

    I don’t know how it taste, but the sticky rice in Taiwan…
    That’s really good.
    I miss it very much.
    Hopefully everything go back normal next year.

    • Dont disagree with that but $14 for two small packs?

    • For processed food to be market competitive, it has to be cheaper than getting it fresh from restaurant. The price is more expensive than restaurant.

  • +1

    Feel a bit sorry for this deal receiving a lot of neg. Although for a company to advertise this sort of prices will only be detrimental to its bottom line, it wouldn't take long for competitors to advertise a product with a much competitive price.

  • So this is called ….Bargain…?

  • I dont think the negs are fair. Has anyone tasted this before and why is everyone comparing this to other rice or food? And the usual "you can make it your self" comments is poor advice considering the target market is people that dont have an hour to spare to cook this or dont like cooking.

    • This is Ozbargain. It isn't about rating convenience or taste (it probably tastes at least ok - let's face it this isn't a rocket science dish and I get some people value time above cost but lol with WFH this should be no excuse. If you can't cook lockdown is probably the best time to start learning - what else are you gonna do with all that spare time?) but whether it is a genuine bargain.

      I see the seller has re-priced this at $12.74 with a further 5% discount taking it to $12.10.

      • "If you can't cook lockdown is probably the best time to start learning", Going back to my point some people don't like cooking or are not good at it. Its like saying people that are terrible at soccer should be at least good at it because I am.

        • +1

          I would say cooking is a skill that is both very useful to have (compared to being able to play soccer) and learnable (unlike competitive sports if you have poor coordination or a physical limitation).

  • $7 per pack of rice… is not a Bargain for OZbargainer, but for the seller.

  • +1

    Support Taiwan made not PRC made

  • Seems like they were reading this thread. Price has dropped to 12.74 plus the 5% coupon. Lol.