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[NSW, VIC] Samsung Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV AU8000 85" $2764.80, 75" $1843.20 + Delivery (Metro Only) @ John Cootes


This deal includes 10% off all Samsung products in our range:

Samsung 75" Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV AU8000 NOW $1843.2 from $2,048.99

Samsung 85" Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV AU8000 NOW $2764.8 from $3,072.99

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John Cootes
John Cootes


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    More expensive than appliance online.
    Sorry man.


    Winnings are taking over

    • +2

      Good guys commercial cheaper again.
      $2580 and $1720 respectively.

      • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/631523

        Love it close to $2k

        How much is it at TGG commercial?

        • -1

          $2200 AUD sounds wrong for an 85 inch 4k tv so 100% its poor quality.

          Probably only good as a storefront display board.

      • Epp was 2440 delivered - got one

  • OLED or QLED?

    • Samsung does not make or sell OLED TVs anymore. Also if it was QLED the branding would be plastered everywhere, so I'd wager this is just a normal LCD-LED TV

  • +1

    Im waiting for a sub 1500 75" qled… hopefully the sales start flowing in!

  • No deal, much cheaper elsewhere as pointed out above.

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    Same user posts deals every week and always negged as his deals are more expensive than other sites lol

  • No Deal

  • -1

    Past reviews of this say it has really bad ghosting and artifacting and overall poor picture quality.

    An 85 inch that has been as low as $2200 AUD yeah something doesnt add up.. looks like a Soniq or ultra budget branded tv dont let the samsung name fool ya.

    Tempting for normal tv though but not as a gaming tv that is for sure.

    • Amazing picture, just a little too dim for a bright room.

      • I guess the reviews were wrong.

        Have you seen this in person and are you able to comment on its pros and cons.. good qualities and maybe any drawbacks?

        • +1

          I have a recent high end Sony and also a TU8000 (very similar predecessor) bought shortly afterward as a second TV.

          With the Sony I was in the market for a high end TV but definitely would have considered something cheaper. I read the reviews and had a shortlist of top spec models but was then surprised at how little actual picture quality difference there is in the showroom.

          For me the deciding factors ended up being

          1. brightness - get as bright as you are willing to spend. This helps to bring the image alive and offset reflections.

          2 software - for this reason I would only consider sony (android) or samsung. Everything else was either slow, clunky or didn’t support mainstream apps.

          3 size - no matter how big you go it will seem “normal” after a few days. Go as big as you reasonably can.

          4 features important to you - my samsung has ambient mode which is cool. my sony allows me to natively flash up pics from my iphone which is great. Both are automatable to some extent. I can ask Alexa to turn them on or off.

          As above the TU8000 is a bit dim but okay in the room it is placed. The Sony is a banger but I still wish it had more brightness. My earlier high end Samsung went up to >700 cdm and I kind if miss that. I think I prefer the sony/android software.

          • @DingoBlue: Nice write up appreciate it.

            I think i too would prefer to stay with a known reliable brand and their software ecosystem but if others can vouch for it then i dont mind.. i just need maybe half decent youtube, spotify and youtube music features and the option to use apps like netflix, sbs on demand, disney+, etc.

            Brightness is very important to me as the room is very dark even during the day it barely gets any light so i am highly prioritising the brightest screens especially since a lot of usage will be in near pitch black night as lighting in the room is dim.

            What is ambient mode never heard of it is it like an audio response feature?

            Personally i can go as low as 70 inches but i have noticed 85 inches is not too far out of reach money wise.

            Avoiding OLEDs or anything with screen burn in potential as it may be used as a 4k pc monitor also.

            Trying to aim for 4k 120hz for pc gaming.

            I can wait no rush new models coming out every day.

            Worst case scenario i get a 4k 60hz high brightness tv and then sell it later down the line for a 4k 120hz or higher high brightness tv later.

            Or if it is too big to package and send off have 2 x 70 inch plus screens lol.

            • @AlienC: Hi, if the room is dark then the TV doesn't need to be as bright. That gives you more choice.

  • Samsung EPP Price:

    UA75AU8000WXXY $1,627.00 Delivered