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Retekess V-111 Portable Radio for $18.69 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/$39 Spend) @ Retevis Direct via Amazon AU


Retekess V-111 Portable Radio, Radio AM FM Stereo Radio Portable Shortwave Radio, Compact Transistor Radios with Alarm Clock 3.5mm Earpiece Jack for Travel (Black) on a lightning deal for $18.69. Possibly another 10% off via coupons on the sale page.

About this item

  • Automatic radio station search and store function;Small V-111 radio has 60 presets;20 on each band; size 15x9x4cm, Great for senior, elder walking person on the top of gift ideal for parents
  • Portable radio with AM FM SW AM;531-1602KHz SW:3.2-21.9MHz FM: 87.5-108MHz;Small pocket size, easy to carry to anywhere; Best radio for Emergency using
  • Built-in Loudspeaker and Earphone Jack;Built in high performance large speaker ensure a clear and loud sound; it can easily fill a room with your favorite radio stations ;With the 3.5mm earphone jack ;you are free to own some private space to enjoy the radios without disturbing others
  • Time and Alarm Time Display with Back-light:12 hour time display optional for V-111 radio;Sleep timer up to 90 minutes;You can listen your favorite station just press the Favorite button;Single alarm setting with ascending alarm sound to wake up.5 seconds last backlight will fully illuminate the screen which makes it easy to see the time at night
  • V-111 Battery Operated Radio:AA batteries used in the transistor radio allow you to operate it even when the power in the house is out; powered by AA battery and 3 band frequency support Get timely news in the emergency situation such as power outage,hurricane season.[AA batteries not included]
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    This pick up the horses?

    • +7

      No, you’d have to speak to Daryl Braithwaite about that.

  • Does phones have fm radio?

  • mine does need headset to operate

  • Kinda wild for a radio to be sold in this day in age, in Australia, without DAB+ or a rechargeable battery. Love how the ad pushes it as something worth using in Japan and Russia rather than here.

    May as well get an even cheaper one off Aliexpress.

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      this has shortwave though

      • Shortwave was great for getting the exact time eons ago (besides calling 1194).

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      My niche application is listening to commentary at the footy or cricket. Needs to be an analogue radio to be live.

    • DAB+ isn't available in my city (second biggest in the state). FM and AM are still king for coverage

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        Spending a few weeks in a major regional city (second most populous inland city after Canberra) - No DAB+.

        DAB+ in my car is silent. Don't even know how to tune in FM (not much choice), let alone AM - haven't listened in years! Solution - steaming music from phone to car amp via Bluetooth.

        ABC & SBS Digital radio (same as on DAB+) is generally available via TV channels.

    • DAB+ has not been that popular here, with few transmitters, long distances in between for use when driving (some smaller countries seem to have uninterrupted Digital reception on major roads), and importantly - low quality (lower sampling rate) transmission. Many say it's worse quality here than FM.

      About the time Digital radio finally arrived here - streaming of music & widespread cheaper wireless internet was becoming available. And revenue from commercial music radio likely was reclining, so financing DAB+ transmitters was not a priority.

      Portable DAB+ radios mainly have only 1 speaker. Another limitation - mono sound. If there is audio output, it's in stereo (to feed into headphones or amp).

      DAB+ radios have a far higher power consumption than AM/FM units, so (rechargeable) battery use is not as practical.

      Volume is often insufficient with battery powered units. I've got a few that are only loud enough for small, quiet rooms. So I feed the output into amp & speakers.

      "Mantel" style DAB+ units generally perform better than portable radios (mains powered, larger & stereo speakers) - useful if you are in a strong reception area.

  • These are decent radios, depending on where you live you might be able to get a few shortwave stations. You can make an antenna out of wire to boost the signal.

    • +1

      Happy with mine for listening to the footy,etc in a difficult reception area.
      Just purchased another @ $16.49.
      Nice price :)

      • I also own this model Retekess V115 and the receiver in it is really good, its almost as good as my Tecsun PL310ET.

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    Not everyone lives in a metropolitan city in this wide brown land mate,so DAB is useless,so this deal is actually quite attractive to many people.I'm in….

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    If you click the 10% off coupon box on the page you can get it for $16.49

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    Don't be so Retekess….

  • got it today, radio is clearer than the one in my car's headunit.

    i can't get the 'favourite' button to work though.

    otherwise a solid little unit - smaller than expected.