JuiceBank Alkaline Batteries AA & AAA 24pk $1 @ The Reject Shop


It may not be marked on the shelf as $1 but should scan at $1, as was the case for me.

Stock is probably limited.

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The Reject Shop
The Reject Shop


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    • Just like yourself ;)

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        What part of "HairyChickens" brought you to that conclusion 😳

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          Probably the "hairy" part

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    Battery that cheap probably leaks and ruins your equipment.

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      environment, too

      landfill stuffers. nah

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    must be leaking juice after a while

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    are these any good,
    last time i got batteries from reject shop it lasted less than a day

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      Good for your appliance.. not the planet

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      I bought before pretty bad. At full charge were less than my varta batteries that were run down.
      So never ended up using the juice ones.

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      If they are indeed alkaline they shouldn’t be too bad. The basic chemistry is robust.

      Obviously better brands will use purer raw materials, and additives to improve the output. But even cheap alkaline batteries should be pretty good, just check the expiry date which should give you an idea about any imminent risk of leaking.

      The ones to stay away from are batteries that say “Zinc Carbon”, “Heavy Duty” (and variations on that like “Super Heavy Duty”). Most cheap batteries are of this type.

      • Fwiw, the expiry on the AAAs I bought yesterday are 12-2025.

        • that seems pretty old stock. alkaline ones should have expiry 10 years…

    • Probably just as much charge as the 50pk of Red Everready's for $10 or so.
      Use them in a clock you'll get a few months, use them in an Xbox controller you'll get a few hours.

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    Bought these when they were on sale last time @ 2 for $5 several months ago - no issues with leaking or longevity. They are a clearance line hence the price; I though ozbargainers would understand this by now.

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      You though wrong

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    Have these, not great quality at all. However, the price is right so up to you.

  • Which store has stock any idea

    • Resisted the temptation having gone down the rechargeables path but there's plenty at Chadstone marked $1

    • would help if we had any idea which town/city you lived in?

      • Hi tdw, within 10km of Shop B90, Chadstone Shopping Centre, 1341 Dandenong Rd, Chadstone VIC 3148

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    Consider for many appliances, rechargeable a will save you a lot in the long run and the planet.
    Sure they cost about 4x as much per battery but they’ll get between 400-1000x charges unless you seriously abuse them.
    Best of all nasty chemicals won’t goto landfill

  • Great deal, but could not upvote as I could not find in my local shop.

  • Was 16 at lilydale this morning fyi

  • can you get these at the same price via doordash click and collect?