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Olight Keychain Flashlights: Buy I3E EOS 90 Lumen, Get I1R2 EOS 150 Lumen Free $13.31 @ Olight Australia (New Customers Only)


Olight Australia has 2 Keychain Lights: i1R2 EOS 150 lumen + i3E EOS Black 90 Lumen for $13.31 $48.85 when you follow the instructions below.

Deal Instructions:
Log into Olight Australia(New customer: create an account, then log in), and the free gift i1R2(limit one per person) with random color is in your cart now
Add i3E EOS 90 Lumen Keychain Flashlight (Black) to cart

Go to checkout page, enter "OFAN5"(limit one time per person) in Coupon Code Column and click Apply button
Proceed to checkout
Your total will be $13.31($7.95 for shipping cost + $5.36 for i3E Black)
Complete your transaction

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Olight Australia


  • +4

    i1R2 is a great EDC companion.
    It's worth it just for this.

    • Thank you very much for your trust and love.

      • I lost my i1R2 on a bushwalking trip to Tasmania. It was my favourite torch of all time.
        I notice Olight does not sell this torch on its website but it offers it discounted as a promotion once or twice a year.
        Why don't you sell it separately? I missed the promotion and now I am very sad!

  • +1

    I think I have a torch addiction, I probably have more EDC torches than eneloops at the moment.

    • +2

      18650s are where it's at!

      • Got plenty of those too

  • Appears to be sold out?

    • +2

      Sorry, we have added the stock, and now you can buy it.

      • Any chance of another restock?

  • Ozbargained

  • Oos while checking out

    • +2

      Sorry for the inconvenience. Now we have added the stock.

  • Is it out of stock already? Or not started yet?

    • +1

      Out of stock for the i3E, the i1R2 should still be available for “free” with $7.95 shipping.

      • +1

        I'm so sorry for the trouble. Now we have added the stock and you can get them.

  • Ordered. I hope I get a tan i1R2 this time.

  • I ordered just the i1R2 for $7.95 and received an order number. Paid with PayPal just in case.

  • -3

    I bought my Duracell key ring flashlight for $5 from Woolies.

    • +4

      Is it usb rechargeable like the i1R2?

    • Did they run out of torches?

      • Thank you for your support. Now we have added the stock, and you can buy it.

  • The 'Only' coupon code we could ever need, thanks!

    • Glad to help you.

  • I got an i3E for free (paid for postage) a while back and this thing is a blinding little ba*tard considering it runs off one AAA battery. Tonight I bought a three pack of rechargeable i5Rs during their flash sale. I think I might be starting to get addicted to torches.

    • -1

      I'm glad you like our flashlights. It's our pleasure. You can also participate in our lucky draw this time, and we have prepared many unexpected surprises.

  • Coupon code doesn't work?

    • I just try again and it can work. Could you please try it again?

      • Tried again, still won't work. I'm on a mobile device. I logged out and back in again.

        Error "The promo code is invalid or does not reach the threshold of use"

        • Check whether the discount code is entered incorrectly. If it still doesn't work, you can try it with a computer. Thanks!

          • @Jane zhou: Tried on PC, same issue

            Error "The promo code is invalid or does not reach the threshold of use"

            • @Anadrolic: Sorry to hear that. I use another computer, and then this discount code can still be used. The coupon is "OFAN5". Make sure you enter it correctly.

    • +3

      Nothing sus about Olight.

      • Thanks . Appreciate the response.

      • The amount of light that comes out of such small torches is pretty sus. These torches are amazing.

  • I keep getting an error that says "the number of gifts for members is inconsistent"

    • Sorry. There is something wrong with our system, which will be solved as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your feedback. Please try again later.

      • My transactions went through multiple times.. can I get some help to reverse them

  • I ordered 1, but I'm not sure what I'm actually getting. Lol

  • Thanks Jane

  • Thanks OP. Ordered one for me and my wife.

  • Thanks OP. Love the little incl freebie I1R2 EOS 150 torch and ordered just for it. The main one will come in handy as well I am sure. :-)

  • +1

    Was going to order a few more torches but realised most of Olights use CW? And no colour choice?

  • OP, are you able to cancel an existing order for me?

  • Thank you Miss Jane

  • +1

    I ordered the warrior 2 with this code a while ago and never received the I3E

  • Ordered, thanks

  • +1

    I already have 3 Olight Torches….. oh well, more won't hurt me (but my wife might!!!) hehehe. Thanks Olight!!! :)

  • Thanks, ordered one for a gift

  • +1

    Torches are addictive. Got one set thanks

  • Just ordered at 8:08 SA time, worked perfect.

    Been looking for something like this and hadn't seen your products before, very nice options.

  • Thanks OP. Great deal. Too hard to resist.

  • Ordered. Thanks OP

  • Ordered 8:46AM. NSW. Paid via PayPal. New account. No issues

  • +4

    i3E Out Of Stock. Dammit, just created an account for nothing

    • +2

      Thank you for your support. We added about 300 more. Now you can get them. Thanks!

      • Awesome - thanks!

  • Any more stock, op?

    • +1

      Yes, we added about 300 more.

  • "Insufficient inventory of goods" error when trying to check out

    • +2

      Thank you for your support. Now you can buy it.

      • That's awesome, cheers! I have now ordered!

  • Damn, too slow :(

  • Are you adding more stock OP

    • Yes, we added about 300 more.

  • Damn, looks like all out, any more stock coming in for this promo?
    I've got the striker, great torch and the i3e eos.

    • +1

      Yes. We are already restocking. Now you can buy it. Thank you so much for your support.

  • +1

    Out of stock again, man OzBargainers clearing things out again haha.

  • +1

    Out of stock!
    Anything else that's good below $50?
    The Obulb looks interesting

    • +1

      We are already restocking. I like Obulb too. It's cute.

  • Worked for me, thanks OP!

  • OOS again! Dang.

  • Missed it! Will you be re-stocking again OP?

    • +2

      Yes, we are already restocking.

  • Just purchased. Can never have too many torches.

  • Hoping I get the orange color.
    Thanks OP.

    • Haha I like orange color too.

    • +1

      ozbargain orange ;)

  • i have enough i1r2s from previous promotions but tempted again for the chance i'll get a colour other than mint green lol

  • Got one! Now to see what I actually bought.

  • Just ordered, cheers OP.

    Disregarding covid-related delays, what's the estimated shipping time for metro Sydney?

    • +1

      It may take about 10 days.

  • Just oredered, thanks OP, but i don't even know what i've ordered haha

  • Didn't work for me in Chrome, but worked in Edge…

  • +1

    Is there a way to purchase a second i1R 2 EOS and get it included in the same package? Thanks!

  • Done the order, thanks

  • This is a great deal for new customers. Both torches are simple, reliable, and tiny - great for EDC, or to give to a friend if you already have too many torches.

    • +1

      if you already have too many torches.

      What is this madness you speak of! No such thing as too many torches

  • Damn I got charged $18.31 I put in code for $5 discount and went to PayPal but when I clicked pay now it charged me $18.31 how can I cancel. Just got a message saying they will refund the $5 that's service for you.

  • Thanks OP. Have ordered them and could not resist also adding the Olight Olantern mini LED Rechargeable Lantern and the Obulb to my cart. Happy days !!!

  • if you are looking for a cheap rechargable instead of the suggested i3E EOS


    • promo email says can be 35% off but discount but only 25%