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Ardbeg Scorch Single Malt Whisky $194.99 Delivered @ Distinct Whiskies


RRP $230. Free Delivery over $180 *** $130 was a typo, apologies for any confusion

To scorch is to burn something fiercely, to the point where its surface chars or otherwise changes colour - hence the title of the new Ardbeg Day release which comes matured in “heavily charred” ex-Bourbon casks. The concept draws comparisions with an earlier Ardbeg Day release - 'Ardbeg Alligator', although reports have it that the char time is longer with Scorch. The barrels are all x Bourbon too, rather than virgin American oak

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Distinct Whiskies


  • +1

    You sure about that rrp?

  • RRP $130.? but ur selling it for $205? What da faq?


    • sorry $130 was a typo. $230 is the real RRP

  • maybe $230?

    • 130

    • sorry $130 was a typo. $230 is the real RRP

  • The audacity to post!

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      sorry $130 was a typo. $230 is the real RRP

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    Where is the bargain if rrp 130 lmao

  • Nah it's $0 just delivery is $205

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      Well if rrp 130 then 75 bucks for delivery lol

  • $199 here…

    • +6

      Just changed my special. Now $194.99 to beat that price

      • +3

        I think $130 was a Freudian slip. Deep down you know you want to give Oz-bargainers a code that lets them buy this at $130. Go set yourself free - do it!!

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    Imagine contaminating Scotch with disgusting bourbon Moonshine. It's even named after a Frenchman!

    • I'm confused, can you explain?

      • Bourbon were a French dynasty.

        • Ah didn't know that, cool! so the bourbon is ruining the scotch I guess