Dell Backpacks - Gaming Lite Backpack 17" $21.69 + More Delivered @ Dell AU


With water-resistant material, the Dell Gaming Lite Backpack keeps your gaming laptop and accessories fully protected when you travel.

Dell Essential Backpack 15 - $13.81 (was $46)
Dell Gaming Lite Backpack 17 - $21.69 (was $61.99)
Dell Optical Mouse MS116 - $8.49 (was $16.99)

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  • Thanks! Just grabbed one.

  • Any feedback?

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      Your a really nice person. Caring and friendly. How's that for feedback?

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        The "Jerk Store" called…

        • Oh yeah? Looks like jerky's back in stock boiiiiiiiss!

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          And they'reeee running out of you!

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          A Seinfeld reference in the wild. Amazing!

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      There are hundreds of reviews on Dell page, surely you can read it yourself

      • thats lacking in OzB at times.

    • Produk berkualiti dan penghantaran cept

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      No, message received loud and clear.

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      I got one of these in the last deals (the 17" backpack). It fits a 17" laptop well, but the bag doesn't expand out very much (and especially so the accessory pocket on the outside). So despite the large laptop dimension this is still quite a 'slim' backpack for not much more than laptop + charger + mouse + some slim things like a clipboard or couple of books and a pencil case.

      Actual bag quality is excellent.

      • Thank you.

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      Backpack is good quality. Fits my 17" laptop. Not heaps of extra space after power brick and such. Has good back padding & some cushion all the way around. Better than my old Everki swift. Have recently purchased the version with more space because I am traveling more for work these days.

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      I got the Dell Essential Backpack 15" in one of the previous deals. It is terrible, even for $13.

      The side pockets are tiny and they don`t stretch much. The picture on the website with an umbrella and a water bottle is completely misleading. You will not be able to fit a water bottle in there. It is perfect for a 50ml sanitiser, just to give you an idea.

      Also, the access to the main compartment is under the shoulder straps and it is a terrible design decision. I was a bit hesitant to buy it considering that but I thought it would not be a big issue. It is a pain to access it, makes everything more complicated if you are not seated or do not have a place to lay your backpack down.

  • Thank you OP, just ordered the 15" one

  • Shopback 6% + Student Discount 7% - Knockoff another $1.7

  • tks, got one order its amazing deal; much better than ebay rubbish

  • Thanks 👍👍 got one.

  • I have the 15" one and it' been really good. Working from home balanced with office it's been a good get this year and cheap.

  • Any idea how the 17 inch version would fit a PS5 in? Looking for a backpack to move it around.

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      Backpack dimensions: 46cm x 31cm
      PS5 dimensions: 39cm x 26cm x 10cm

      It does seem feasible.

  • Are these hardback backpacks?

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      It's not a hard shell, but the padding on the outside of the backpack is fairly thick and holds its form (ie doesn't collapse like a thin fabric backpack, but unlike a totally hard shell it will move a bit to let bulky things fit into the backpack with some effort)

  • Thank you! Was looking for a backpack for 17" Dell G7 i7 7700.

  • Thanks OP. Looks good for when we come out of lockdown and can go on a day holiday to the office.

    • Bought this yesterday.

      Expected delivery : November 2021

      Arrived today! Great supply management 🤣🤣🤣

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    LOL, tech specs says weight to be 0.55g for the 17" one. Must be new ultra light material.

  • Thanks OP. Indeed a very good deal

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    I’ve found Dell laptop backpacks to be garbage quality - especially the zips that I’ve had last less than a year.

    After the last one work gave me broke I told them not to bother with a replacement - been happy with the Caribee one I’ve had now for 5 years and still in perfect condition.

    • Yeah I hadn't had a Dell backpack before and purchased one during the last deals for about $30 (technically free since I had $30 eBay credit).

      It looks nice and has some nice design features, the double side pockets are an improvement to my Timbuk2 backpack.

      But the quality is just not there, the stitching on one of the zippers is already fraying and it's not a wear spot (middle of the zipper for the 2nd of 3 zips).

      I'm fairly disappointed because it has an integrated pack cover which is amazing for $30.

  • I ain’t got a dell laptop but are dell laptops 15 inch as just got a laptop at 15.6 so the 15 cheaper one probably is too small.

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      Just read the friggin' description and all will be revealed. It's not rocket surgery.

      Fits most laptops with screen sizes up to 15.6"

  • I got this for $19 in the last 20% promo on their eBay store. Took them quite some time to deliver but I got it.

    The promo is still available on eBay but no stock showing at the moment.

  • Could you fit a carton of beer in one of these?

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      I can't fit a food container if a laptop is in there, if that helps. It's great if you don't plan to bring lunch to the office.

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        I encountered this problem on the one day I went into the office this year.

        The struggle is real

      • OK - thanks.

  • I really liked using this backpack until my friend's dog ate one of the straps for dinner.

    I want to take it to an alterer or something for repair - but then I could just buy a new bag for $22.

    What are the chances an alterer will fix a bag strap for < $20?

  • Does anyone have experience as to whether these will fit a ps4 and bits? Looking at one for my son.

  • Great News!
    Your order has shipped early.

    Hmmmm. Around the timeframe I was expecting but whatever floats your boat Dell.

  • I bought one from the last deal.
    Looks good but the stitches are not.
    Had to throw it away after a month of use only.
    I went back using my reliable Case Logic backpack.

  • Just ordered one, thank you