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½ Price VIP Membership $12.50 (Was $25) @ The Coffee Club


As part of their World Coffee Day Promotion.

Use the promo code WCDHALF to purchase an annual VIP Club Membership for $12.50¹. Benefits include 2-4-1 coffees PLUS free upsizes!

What does VIP membership get you? Buy 1 Get 1 Free every day, Free Coffee Upsizes, VIP Offers.

For those who don't want membership, they are also doing Buy 1 Get 1 Free coffees for everyone until Friday.

Buy one get one FREE COFFEE* for everyone until Friday! Dine-in, Takeaway also available on UberEats & DoorDash.

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The Coffee Club
The Coffee Club


  • +2

    Good offer but never liked the coffee from coffee club around my place.

    • +1

      It is just a different drink 🤣 Sometimes I want a coffee-like drink, but not so intense…

      • +2

        I do find the coffee club caffeine strength stronger than many other coffee franchises near me like Glorious Tits, CrapDonalds, and Big Bucks.

        I also find their decaf coffee has a larger amount of caffeine than other places.
        (Yes decaf can and often does contain caffeine. Big Bucks IS know to have 20% caffeine in their decaf).

        Also, you can use the 2 for one for hot drinks in general.
        Wife often gets a hot chocolate and I get a decaf (I’m more sensitive to caffeine than most).

        Plus you do also get a percentage off food during certain days and they also give you the occasional special within the app off food.

        Eg: Father’s Day delivered breakfast for the price of 1 of their big breakfasts yet was 4 times the serve.
        Was wishing I had 2 elder children that day I can tell you.

        • I'm not saying they're bad. Their food is good. Their coffee is for sure better than at Macca. But to me their coffee is a particular drink, good at some hot days. I even have TCC membership 😁

  • +1

    Can it stack onto current membership? Mines not due for renewal till December.

  • "Offers used on public holidays may incur a surcharge (refer to individual store for further details)."

    • Isn’t this what most restaurants already do¿

  • Dine-in

    What is “dine-in” ? I only know about “take away”

    • Ugh.. lead balloon joke.

      You do know that this is fr Australia wide. Not just the two states that tend to have a large amount of conspiracy nuts and gas protestors, right.¿

  • Anyone know if you can’t use this if you already have a membership with them?

    They allowed this in previous years, but not every year