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BOSCH 18V Brushless 5 Piece 2x 5.0Ah Combo Kit $799 @ Total Tools


Not as good as last year in my opinion unless you really want the tiny blower. Batteries are also smaller.


1 x BOSCH 18V Brushless 13mm Hammer Drill Skin GSB 18V-85 C 0615990J9S
1 x BOSCH 18V Brushless Impact Driver Skin GDX 18V-200 0615990M1X
1 x BOSCH 18V Brushless 125mm GWS 18V-7 Angle Grinder Skin 06019H9001
1 x BOSCH 18V Brushless SDS+ GBH 18V-21 Rotary Hammer Skin 0611911100
1 x BOSCH 18V Blower Skin GBL 18V-120 06019F5140
2 x BOSCH 18V 5.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery 1600A001Z9
1 x BOSCH 18V 4.0Ah Battery Charger GAL 18V-40 1600A019RN

Bosch website


Also, there is a redemption offer running until end of this month.
Spend $500 Redeem 12V drill driver kit worth $129 RRP


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  • Are these commercial tools really that different to diy like ozito or ryobi, considering that one could buy the ozito 3 or more times over for the price of one of these?

    • I’ve personally been burnt too many times with Ozito and similar cheap brands. There’s nothing worse than a tool breaking in the middle of the job and having to go deal with bunnings and the warranty process. But buy what your wallet can afford.

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      Yes they are that much better. But depends on what's fit for your purpose.

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      Probably not for the average punter who uses them five times a year. If you’re using them all the time then yes it’s worth it

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      Yes, they are different. I have Ryobi, Ozito, Bosch, Makita and Milwaukee gear. You have a good point about buying multiple Ozito tools compared to one Bosch one, and thats the reason by I bought Ozito and Ryobi, to use on one job. If it lasts longer, it's a bonus and Bunnings will swap the item over on the spot if it breaks under warranty.

      I've never opened up each tool to compare but you can find some on youtube. If you're planning to use it often, I'd recommend a Bosch or Makita brand gear if your budget allows it.

      This kit good value if you can use all the tools.

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      The devil is in the details. When you use these pro tools alongside cheap stuff like Ozito or Ryobi you notice how the pro tools are more accurate and nicer to use. Variable speed triggers, easier to use blade change mechanisms, more accurate depth/angle adjustment with less play, stronger and better built accessories (like dust extraction ports, guides, fences) are all improvements I've noticed in my Makita tools over the equivalent Ozito/Ryobi.

      My Ozito router for example is a huge pain to change bits on due to the positioning of the collet and the lack of a spanner fitment on the collet chuck. Whereas my Makita could not be easier.

      • Yeah I think a lot of the discussion is about longevity, but longevity is only one factor. The better tools are nicer to use, more powerful, more accurate, offer better functionality etc. And, they last "forever".

  • can price beat @ bunnings?

  • it's worth noting that the bosch blue range is far better than their standard green stuff … the blue stuff is their tradie range …

    i went through 3 or 4 ozito corded drills before i bought the bosch blue corded drill and it was a massive difference, so much power, things just fitting tight and good, used it well over the last 5 or so years and it's just now starting to show it's age and get a little the worse for wear (ok, so it doesn't go in reverse, but it's been used to drill through concrete and all sorts)