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30% off: Bundaberg 4x 375ml Varieties $3.95 (VIC, TAS), $4.40 (NSW, QLD, SA, ACT, WA), $4.45 (NT) @ Woolworths


Bundaberg 4 X 375 ml varieties are 30% off from Wednesday. $3.95 (in Victoria) not sure about pricing in other states

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  • why is it cheaper in VIC and TAS?

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      We don't have container deposit scheme

      • thanks, first time heard of this thing…
        just googled it, and it is coming to VIC…
        but the deposit is 10 cents, while the drink is 45c to 50c more expensive in the states with the scheme.
        so extra 10-20% to manage the scheme.

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        The deposit is 10c, so unless there are additional costs this doesn't account for the difference.

        The good news is the Victorian and Tasmanian schemes are launching in 2022.

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    Bloody ginger beer :-)) I was very excited for 30 seconds….

  • What’s the Diet Sarsaparilla like?

    I don’t mind an occasional Diet Ginger Beer (maybe 4 per year) but the normal one is too sweet. Loved their Sarsaparilla as a kid :)

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      how'd u fare?

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        Thanks for checking in.

        I rather like the diet sarsaparilla. Good fizz and mouth feel, proper sars flavour, not too sweet. A hint of artificial sweetener aftertaste.
        Smooth, round flavour, in contrast with the zingy crispy diet ginger beer, nice to have the options. Both are brewed, I guess that’s the source of the proper flavour that I enjoy.

        • the first time i drank sarsparilla was this schweppes

          was not a fan of the taste haha ..

          (sarangae jaebeom~ hwaiting)

  • we really love the pinkguava one


    gonna try the "bunderree creamsoda" too