Brave Browser (BLOCKS ALL Ads in YouTube)

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If you already know about this browser-ignore this.

Come cross this fabulous browser. So not a real deal, but good for my YouTube viewing experience as it blocks all ads in YouTube. Also it pays you to view some ads in image format- so not really take up your time of bandwidth.

  • Block data-grabbing ads and trackers
  • Blocking harmful ads and trackers means a faster Internet
  • Browse much more privately with Tor
  • Earn frequent flier-like tokens just for browsing
  • Tip and contribute to websites directly through Brave Rewards

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Brave Browser
Brave Browser


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    Or just use uBlock Origin like everyone else.

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      wow. thanks. didnt know that at all. Cooool!

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    Or also install ublock origin on your browser and block all your ads everywhere

    • But my cash rewards

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        Use another browser without any ad blockers just for cashback.

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      Interesting. But is that affecting my privacy? If not, then just don't use their crypto

      • I mean to be advertised as a privacy browser and to be marking your customers with a specific "I use Brave look at me" referral code…

        kinda defeats the purpose, no?

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    Mobile Phone - Newpipe

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      Rather Vanced, which is just Youtube with premium features like background play and no ads.

      • Took me a while to realise this - AdVanced

        I'd recommend not signing into Vanced. I'm paranoid about google cancelling my account.

        • I used vanced for years signed in and no issues nor has there been reports of such thin that im aware of.

      • Yeah, same same… bit different. lol

      • Vanced is better the newpipe I was a newpipe user for years. the comments never works. Vanced allways works. ad free. on pc I think u block origin still world for me. or smart tube next I think was the Android TV one. ad free to.

  • Free money using Brave browser. No reason to use anything else as your main.