Beyblade Burst Starter Pack $10 (Was $24) at Target


Target currently has 20% off toys but this one comes in at almost 60% off.

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Target Australia


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    Let it rip!

  • Lol I remember in like 2011-2012 ish when these were like $12 regular price. Now they are $24 each? Damn

    • My son has recently had a beyblade phase and the ones that includes launcher is normally $17 before any discount.

      This specific one is a special version, not really sure. Think it's an old version that they've got back in stock for some reason, hence the larger discount.

      • Ah yes that's probably the case, $17 sounds more like it

  • These are the better of the Hasbro ones, a bit heavier than the cheap ones and with a gimmick. Good price if your kids are still into it (I feel like we're in a Beyblade down-phase though?)

  • It's time to duel

  • Dragoon!!