eBay Sellers Delaying Posting Non eBay Plus Orders?

Are ebay plus sellers holding on posting items for non eBay Plus members? I ordered from a big retailer via ebay on the 22nd and the consignment doesn't show in auspost till the 27th. Seller claims it was posted on the 23rd and is covid shipping delays, however auspost consignment generation for the labels doesn't need scanning and suffers from no human induced delays.

I often see the delay from consignment to first scan of the parcel with drop shippers but I don't think Harris scarf on ebay are drop shippers.

It made me think eBay might have a deal with the big stores to delay non eBay plus items to artificially increase the value of eBay plus to compete with Amazon etc.

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  • Possibly

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      Ebay conspiracy, x files music plays.

      • Why? To increase the value of eBay plus I guess.

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          So ebay is instructing sellers to introduce extra delays?
          Why would a seller want to annoy their customers at the request of ebay?

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            @mskeggs: Maybe at the offer of better seller rates. It's only a theory of mine at this stage, just asking the question to get some other views on it

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            Why would a seller want to annoy their customers at the request of ebay?

            Why would they want to introduce another step in their logistics to hold up orders is another question.

  • I had a seller who never shipped the item and marked it as shipped. 3 weeks later, i got a refund

  • Midweek (22nd being a Wednesday) orders I usually expect them to be delivered the following week even with express postage, especially during covid. It is what it is

    • Not talking about logistics. Talking about holding onto orders to purposely delay them

      • Is it maybe drop ship sellers waiting a week for the parcel to start its trip from China? I definitely see this a lot.

        • I'm familiar with the Drop ship sellers tactics, I don't think that's the case this time. Harristechnoogyaustralia in this case.

  • Covid is impacting in house logistics too.
    If the 11 guys in the warehouse is 2 this weekend because the others are in iso…

    • Possibility of this and the plus orders are taking priority in the warehouse.

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    Yes - ebay plus sellers do this.

    Amazon does this as well.

    • Unbelievable. Might as well by from Chinese drop shippers, they can deliver in the same amount of time.

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      No they don't.

      • Huh?


        "As an eBay Plus member, you get a free upgrade to express delivery to metro addresses and free returns on all eBay Plus items, plus other exclusive buying offers"

        A seller has to pick and pack plus orders before non-plus orders to meet the express shipping criteria, even though the actual shipping method might be the same. Some sellers might not have enough volume for it to matter, for high-volume sellers, it will make a difference.

        Enough said.

        • What 'ebay' says and what happens, are two different things. 99.9% of sellers don't put anything 'special' in for eBay Plus members, the order enters the system and is processed as per normal (with the upgraded shipping)

          The OP is claiming some conspiracy that non plus orders sit and wait for days on end before shipping, but ebay plus orders are shipped straight away.

          This doesn't happen at all.

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    We treat shipping of all orders the same - eBay plus members or not.

    • That's great you do, do you know of other sellers being told/asked/encouraged to slow down the processing of non eBay plus orders?

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        Here's a great eBay item for you.

      • There is no conspiracy here, just because you had one item slightly delayed on shipping. Shipping is SLOW everywhere.

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        Well eBay certainly has not made such a request to us.

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    Nope. I have ebay plus and can assure you, the same thing happens. Order item, 3 days later get an email telling me a postage order has been generated. So you can take your tin foil hat off…

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    Ebay plus member automatically get express post for free but there's no directive from ebay to prioritise it. What is happening though is that AusPost prioritise express post parcel. I've noticed that normal parcel just sit for days after me posting it while express post get scanned straight away. This is what's happening to your parcel.

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    You gotta remember as well, the quicker they ship out the item… the quicker the tracking number will say "delivered… the quicker eBay will release their funds.

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