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Free Large Fries with $10 Minimum Spend When Your State or Territory Are 60% Double Vaccinated @ Hungry Jack's via Deliveroo


Deliveroo will add a free large serve of fries to each order from Hungry Jack's and other participating restaurants in a particular state or territory when that state or territory hits the 60-percent double-jabbed mark.

Starts: Saturday 2 October 2021

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    Ah yes, just what the public needs to fight disease - disease causing food.

  • +4

    I miss the old HJ's fries.

    • They have always been the worst of the majors .

      • Oh you're not wrong at all, but they're worse now than they were before.

      • No no no lol no. That title belongs to KFC forever!

        The forever undercooked, raw potato fries.

        • What up with that anyway… don't they have timers?

    • Yeah, I just can't eat them from my locals anymore… so much salt :(

    • I miss a good ol HJ

  • -2

    85% of hospitalised covid patients are obese and are vitamin D deficient, but I don't blame HJ's.. Enjoy your chippies then go outside and exercise people.

    • +1

      Any proof that in Australia "85% of hospitalised covid patients are obese and are vitamin D deficient"?

  • "Did you say… Free fries when you get vaccinated?.. MMmmMm VACCINATION!"
    - Bill de Blasio


  • So that's 20th October for VIC then. Source: https://covidlive.com.au/vic

  • -2

    Since my negative score was removed I will put one here
    What's the difference of this them government removing your freedom of speech
    Then you are no different ozbargain wether u like it or not!!!

      >>>>>>>>>>  -1 <<<<<<<<<<<
  • This deal is now active for the ACT

  • Now live in NSW over the weekend from Friday 8 Oct to Sunday 10 Oct.

    Note that prices are jacked via Deliveroo so you're not really saving anything though.

  • It's only free if delivery is free, otherwise your payii for it non other.

    Unless you order through them and pick up the dries, but simply just shaking the app and getting free fries.

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