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GME XRS-330COB Connect Outdoor Pack $557 (Was $629) Delivered / C&C @ Auto One


The XRS™ Connect Outback Pack pairs the popular XRS-330C Super Compact UHF CB Radio, with the new medium duty AE4707B radome antenna, the perfect solution for those users looking for the ultimate communications setup for the rugged Australian outback.

Outdoor Essentials Sale Catalogue 2021

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    That "Was" price is a load of rubbish, XRS370 4WD Pack ( XRS-370C4P )is the same price with competitors. This sale price is about all this pack is worth normally and not really a great sale price.

    IMO I'd hold out for a sale on the XRS370 4WD pack. I got mine for $530 last year during a Repco sale.

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    • Actually looks like that XRS370 pack is discontinued, so those with stock are probably in limited supply.

      Looks like GME trying to put this inferior pack in at the same price point. Good old COVID tax….

    • I've actually just started to look at IHF for my new ute.
      I've had previously old 40 channel and then my last car a cheaper Uniden 80 CH
      And now seriously looking at the hide away type for my new Ranger, with the handset controls and just have the plug in pass through connector to the RJ45 plug.
      Wanting to get decent quality, I was starting to look at the GME XRS ones, although Oricom seem to be good as well.
      Do you rate the XRS 370, or would you suggest something else?

      • Yeah hideaway units tend to be best for newer cars. I like the XRS370, its well built, looks good and would definitely buy it again. The magnetic handset mount is probably one of the features I like the most.

        • Would you recommend the XRS370 for my ranger?

          • @albanyson: If you are willing to shell out the cash for an XRS then yeah I'd most likely go that way, but if budget is tight an Oricom will get you by.

            Have a look on some Ranger FB groups, you'll then get an idea of what other Ranger owners are fitting and how they are fitting them which should help you decide what way you want to go.

            Antenna are a whole other can of worms to go down. These GME AE47## brushstick antennas though do seem to be decent if you are looking to bull bar mount. If you have an option to mount a rubber ducky up high on the roof then some people swear by that.

  • As stated above not a deal at all, Repco had better deals on gme recently.

  • This looks like normal pricing…