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Magnetic Screwdriver Set 180 in 1 $35.80 Delivered @ Eocean-Au via Amazon AU


Precision Screwdriver Set 180 in 1, Magnetic Screwdriver Kits with 140 bits, Multi-function Professional Repair Tool Set with Portable Oxford Bag, Suitable for Phone,PC, Computer,Jewelry,iPad,Watch,Game Console

Why do you want to choose the 180 in 1 precision screwdriver kit?

Features: chrome-vanadium steel, high hardness bit are suitable for repairing your tools.

Wide Application
140 Bits, 40 Repair Tools,Help you fix household, office and personal supplies.
Precision Screwdriver Set designed to serve iPhone, Android phones, MacBook, laptops, computers, cameras, game consoles, glasses, watches, clocks, and other small devices; Repair your precious electronic products easily with this professional repair tools set; Also a decent gift for your father, husband, son, friends, etc.

Magnetic Design
The extension shaft have magnetic feature, which makes the screwdriver bits much more easy to use. You just need to choose the bit that you need and put it into the hole of the handle, and the bit will be sucked tightly because of the magnetism.

Extension Shaft
This repair tool kit comes with adjustable extension shaft to fix some screws in deep position and reach narrow areas.

Multi- Precision Screwdriver Bits
Multi- precision screwdriver its is a complete repairing tools for iPad, iPhone, Tablets, Laptops, PC, Smartphones, Watches, Glasses, Camera PS4/Xbox controller and Other Electronic Devices.

Specialty Bits for Repairing Tools
With different kind of Screwdriver bits, which made of chrome-vanadium steel are suitable for repairing your tools.

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  • Looks cool but one of the comments in the review said the bits aren't magnetic. Can anyone confirm yes or no?

    • As per the description, I'd expect the screwdriver to have a magned in it. I haven't seen bits with magnets in them. They need to be pullable by the screwdriver, however.

  • +1

    Title says - Magnetic Screwdriver Set 180
    Description says - Magnetic Screwdriver Kits with 140 bits

    It seems the 40 remaining items are mostly plastic prying tools worth a few cents.

    I did a search on Aliexpress for the most popular screwdriver set and this 115 set came up with 13213 orders - US$16.43 + GST (~AU$24.82) delivered

    This isn't a bargain.

  • This actually looks like a pretty good kit, but as Watchnerd says, many of the items that make it a 180-unit kit are just differently shaped plastic prying tools. Worse, the kit includes a bag of tiny screws. I will bet you that the screws make up something like twenty of the "180" units.

    There are comparable kits that are literally half the price on Amazon. I'm honestly not sure if they're missing actual tool bits that you can find in this one, but they're certainly not missing obvious ones. As with all deals, this is going to be up to the shopper: I bought one of the cheaper kits a while ago and was glad I did.