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Panasonic Rice Cooker 10 Cups SR-CN188WST $169.99 Delivered @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


Cook up to 10 cups of great tasting rice with the perfect texture, thanks to the newly designed 2.2mm thick inner pan featuring 6 layers. 16 Auto menus gives you the option to cook a range of rice varieties, porridge cake and more. You'll also appreciate the large LED display, detachable inner lid, steam vent and keep warm function.

This product features:
2.2mm 6-Layer Inner Pan - Evenly Cooked Fluffy Rice
16 Auto menu modes, variety and texture options
Convenient control panel, bright LED and top operation
Detatchable inner lid and steam vent

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  • +2

    Got the smaller version - Hate it, p1sses water all over the place when its cooking.

    Brown rice setting takes 9.8 million hours.

    Teach me your secrets to enjoy my rice cooker!

    • Buy a tiger or cuckoo …

    • I only cook white rice and never had any issues with water splattering in my 5 cup version? Though I only normally cook 2-3 cups.

    • I have this model and previous rice cookers of different brands.

      Brown rice will always take long. It is a minimum 2 hours to cook

      Do get water pool at the top part of the machine so we just use a wipe to absorb the water

      Never had any issues with water spitting (cook to 3 to 4 cups regularly) so assume defect.

    • Agreed. Rice seems to take forever to cook - and I don't think it cooks it that great.
      This rice cooker sits in my cupboard and I currently use a $13 Kmart rice cooker that does a better job.

  • Was little bit cheaper earlier https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/603575

  • I have the $50 aldi rice cooker and that’s been great.

  • +1

    Have the previous model of this and it is fantastic. It has lasted longer than any of the previous rice cookers I have owned. Yes maybe my next will be a Tiger but I am sure that will not be for a long time.
    I use this for sashimi rice as well as for breakfast with Natto.
    Make sure you prepare the rice first. The only moisture you get is after you cook the rice and you lift the lid but this is collected around the rim which is then cleaned after use. Fairly sure this is how they all work.

    • Agree, I've had the previous version of this for a couple of years and people always comment on how damn good rice is at our house. It's a huge upgrade over the cheapo Kambrook ones you get a woolies and Kmart. Worth every penny if you eat rice on the regular.

  • 2 hours to cook ?
    this is way too long

    Prefer use cook4me, it takes 12 minutes to cook rice

    • It has never takes 2 hours. These things are about 20 minutes or just over for 1 to 2 cups of rice.
      Though I haven't done brown rice. Can't comment on brown rice.