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Panasonic 10-Cup Rice Cooker $139 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Looks to be a well reviewed model with 4.6 stars on Amazon. Nice to see the price come back down below pre-covid prices, even in only briefly.
Don't forget to attempt cashback.

Currently $239 at Good Guys

Model number SR-CN188WST
Matches the historical low Amazon price according to 3Camels.

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  • I believe this in made in China not Japan?
    Also, looks like this is not a IH Rice cooker or IH Pressure Rice cooker (Induction Heating)

  • This is a better version if you don't mind the price.

    • What makes it better?

      • The price.

      • I did a lot of research into these models a couple months ago and the only difference I could find besides the more "premium" look metal chassis is that the cooking bowl is a couple millimetres thicker. I have no idea if that actually meaningfully impacts the cooking or longevity of the product or whatever.

        Oh also it's only 5 cups, so half the capacity of the one in OP's post.

        • +1

          We've been using the premium almost daily for two years now. The thicker pan felt nice and I reckon does make a difference the way that dutch oven on casseroles. The kids are growing so we might need a ten cup model very soon :-(

  • How does this compare to established brands like Tiger etc?

  • For anyone considering a rice cooker you might as well get a instant pot or pressure cooker with a rice function. You get more functionality for what I'd consider to be a comparable price. The instant pot you just put the rice + water in the right ratio, press a button and it takes around 10-15 minutes to cook and you've got perfect rice.

    • I have a pressure /mult-cooker, but if I cook a curry in that it's difficult to also make rice in it.

    • I agree.

      We had a breville Ricebox that had been our trusty rice cooker for ~5-6 years. We recently got a Ninja Foodi (an Instant Pot+Air fryer combo) and Mrs was insistent on giving away our rice cooker. I didn't realise why until I saw how quickly it cooked perfect rice. Took 6 mins in the Foodi vs 25-30 mins in the Ricebox.

      Really no reason to keep the rice cooker since it's an absolute waste of counter space.

    • Completely agree - a rice cooker can cook rice, but a pressure cooker can cook an entire meal, with less water, less fuss, less labour time.

      I'd recommend getting a pressure cooker with a nonstick surface though, if its 5L you can match the recipes from Instant Pots.

      You just need to get the water levels and cooking times right, and make sure debris is always cleaned from the rim, the silicon gasket, the lid.

  • And it's gone.

    In all seriousness though, how does one know if it's a good rice cooker? I have been using basic ones all my life but Youtube videos (eg Uncle Roger) make me think I'm missing out without a fancier model.

    • I think you jest … there is no comparison - and yes, I have both the MW Sistema rice steamer and the Panasonic rice cooker shown in this post so I speak from experience. I guess the Sistema does OK for the price but if you eat a lot of rice the Panasonic will do a much better job.

      • I also have both and i'll tell you what, the sistema rice cooker is more consistent, especially when doing small batches. It comes out perfect everytime. If im cooking for one i use the sistema, 2 cups of water, 1 cup of rice 14minutes and it comes out perfect. If your cooking big batches then sure a proper rice cooker makes sense.

        • Yup - cooking for a whole family. And the Sistema is not great for brown rice, Japanese rice, basmatic, etc… but if cooking for one I certainly would not bother with the Panasonic!

  • ALDI have a 10 cup rice cooker on sale starting today.

    • I went to check for that this morning but there was none. After asking at the cashier they said there was a distribution problem which was affecting other stores as well. Not sure how widespread this is (I'm in Sydney) but pretty annoying given that they have these sales on particular days only and I don't want to keep going back other days just to check if something has come in.

      Same thing happened once with a soundbar they had, it wasn't delivered to the store yet so I got told to put my name on a list in front and they would call when it came in. After checking back a few days later they said it was sold out. I said my name was on a list and they replied, oh only the first few people are called on that list and the rest is sold instore. Well what's the point of getting my name if you're not going to call me?

    • +1 vote

      My local didn't get any. (or staff bought them all before opening)

  • I have one of these, I paid 137 + shipping back in 2019. It's held up well, a bit slow but the rice is great and the bowl is easy to clean, even if you're only cooking a little bit (e.g. one cup). A tiger is a bit better, I'd say the rice is the same quality but the tiger is quicker.

  • Ive had my Panasonic since 11 years ago with fuzzy logic. I almost dont want to replace it with another Panasonic in case it is inferior to the older model but i do need a new bowl soon

    • The older model was better with 6-Layer Diamond Coating Inner Pan. I bought one 7 years ago and used it daily still looks brand new without a scratch.

  • All gone :(


  • If you gonna spend so this money on rice cooker, better off spend on Tiger, Zojirushi and cuckoo..

  • I just got a cheap Russel Hobbs on Amazon yesterday for $39 to replace my 12 yo Tefal (the pot is all scratched otherwise it's still working). Let's see how it'll perform.

  • For the record, I got the 5 cup version for $118 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/541428 and it's fantastic, and turns out much better rice than an Instant Pot. Would definitely recommend, it's better than the DF101WST/DF181WST in every way (had one of those for years before upgrading), I think it cooks more like a Tiger/Zojirushi than a cheap rice cooker and it's way cheaper. This was a great deal

  • paid $219 ridiculous

  • So colander and pot is out of the question?

  • Can't make pilaf. Hard pass for Balkans/ Middle Easterners/ Siberian Asians.

    • Why can't it? Just mix everything in a pot and transfer to rice cooker.

      • Pilaf requires that you first brown the rice in oil before adding the water / stock. Don't know where a rice cooker fits into this equation. If I 'brown' it in the pot until it clumps (we add water when it clumps together, brown in this case is a relative term) then I would just add the liquid in the same pot and continue.

        No one that has a rice cooker that I know of makes pilaf so I can't guage the success rate of the rice. I've asked around and apparently making rice in a saucepan is "complicated".

        Anyways, this seems to be geared towards on type of rice and would just end up taking up space.

  • When you buy a rice cooker consider to buy pressure rice cooker. The taste of the rice completely differently. Of course it is more expansive but you use it maybe ten years. To me no pressure cooker means no thanks.

  • Back again at $139