iPhone 13 Mini 256GB Starlight for $1319.99 Shipped @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


Anyone that is looking to purchase the iPhone 13 mini 256gb in Starlight, this is a reasonable deal. Especially since it had just released a few days ago. Officeworks is currently selling it at $1,367.00.

This is the link to the iPhone on Officeworks - https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/iphone-13-...

All the new iPhone 13's and 13 pro's are cheaper at Costco, but looks like Officeworks does not have most new iPhones in stock at the moment. At this stage, the only new iPhones where both Officeworks and Costco have stock is the iPhone 13 mini 256gb in Starlight (correct me if I am wrong though).

The iPhone 13 pro's do not show on Costco's search results. You have to search it through Google to find it. FYI, I searched "iPhone 13 Pro Costco".

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    Officeworks shouldn't allow Costco for price-matching as their price-matching excludes deals got through memberships, coupons etc.

    Realistically, if you get an uneducated staff member, you might lucky.

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      So why are you negging this deal on the off chance you get a clueless OfficeWorks person? Happy for the comment but the neg seems wrong.

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        I negged the original deal with original information posted, because it was about price matching to a place that wouldn't allow it according to their terms & conditions, I just wanted to let people know before they hightailed it to an Officeworks and got rejected.

        It has since been updated, so my point isn't relevant anymore.

        Anyway, enjoy the deal! The mini is great.

        • No probs. I may have read the Updated info. It looked like you were negging the Costco deal.

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    if you got the 15% on Apple GC couple weeks ago, basically you can save 15% on $1367 which works out approx $200 off and you only pay approx $1167

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    Yeah JB adds costco membership in the price match

  • Considering the Woolies Apple Gift card deal is no more existing, just wondering if there is any other way to buy the iphone 13pro 128GB cheaper than $1699 JB price.

    • You can try Costco - its about $50 off from memory.
      Or try and get some discounted JB cards - should get around ~5% off that way.

    • Bought my 13 Pro 128GB for $1649.99 from Costco

    • maybe try to buy gift cards?

      • @HD9990 Gift cards from where mate?

        • ohh. I thought someone is gona buy extra and throw to FB market for like 5-10 % off. which is still a good deal… but no one is doing that, at least on FB marketplace….

  • How does this compare to say, an oppo?

    • Oppo sells a lot of different phones

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        And it's Android. Beyond them both being a phone, they're very different!

  • Great phone in my opinion but simply too small for my hands

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        Unfortunately there is no correlation here…