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[QLD] 15kW Solar System $9500 (for Commercial Properties & 3-Phase Power) @ Queensland Solar and Lighting



We are doing a 15kW deal for commercial (businesses), or 3 phase properties with Growatt's newest 15kW inverter and Jolywood 370W all black N-Type Silicon

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    How long takes to pay back based on current feed in rate around 5 cents/kWh?

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      ages if you were to export the lot! These systems are best for heavy daytime consumption.

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        Really rough rule of thumb is about 4 sun-hours/day average
        So 15kW *4hrs *365 day = about 22,000kWh/year
        @5c = $1,095 / year

        So about 9 years - but of course that is worst case - self consumption is 'worth' more!

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      Your savings are in what you're not paying for - well, that's the aim

    • I get 4x that in SEQ

    • If you're relying on FIT rather than self-consumption, you're doing it way wrong.

  • Firstly, if you're getting 5cents feed in, you need to look for a new power supplier.

    I installed an 18.8kw system with 3 phase 15kw sungrow inverter on my business' roof 13 months ago. 2/3 of the panels are on a north facing roof, the others on a south facing. With a 15c feed in and 23% discount on usage, I have saved the 4k worth of yearly electricity cost and have netted $535 in payback. Given the system cost 8.9k plus some extras on a special Sungrow meter to allow me to access all the data(as I wanted to double check the power company's readings) at the current rate it would pay for itself in 2 years which is better than I ever imagined. The business operates 5 1/2 days 8am-6pm so the solar makes money in Spring/Summer but not in Autumn/Winter.

    • It depends where you live in Australia on available export rebates, NQ only has Ergon 6c export no other option but our power is some of the cheapest at .20c.
      Most of Australia export rates are heading this way so if you can lock it in you should as it can be changed at any time in most contacts.

  • Nice suit!

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    Very expensive, not a deal

    • This is what solar costs from a business that employs its own installer's and does not sub out everything to some random drunk they found at the bar of the back packers.

      If this is to pricey I've heard solar systems from Sunboost and our Australian cricketers are very hot right now and you should lock it in before it's to late and they need to reopen as SunBooost next week.

  • are these brands any good?