New World MMO Coming out 9pm OzBargains Guild?

Amazon's hit new MMORPG is coming out tonight 9pm expected to be the hit MMO of 2021
How about Ozbargainers start on the same world and make a guild?
Going syndicate faction too, the Team Mystic of New World 50% of player base is Syndicate

I enjoyed the beta in PVP much more than I did ESO but I'd say its a cross between ESO and Runescape.

I'd choose a low population world with a weird name so we can claim more forts.


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  • +7

    u really expect ozb to buy on day 1? waiting for it to be $15 with a free pizza!!!

  • Too early to call it a "hit" I reckon. The alpha and beta were interesting but didn't grip me completely so on the fence at the moment. We have certainly been waiting a very very very very long time for a new decent (non-Anime) MMO to come on the scene… Will keep an eye on it.

    • Yes I will be checking they implemented swimming and some minor improvements

  • +1

    open beta was very lacklustre, i don't know what people see in this game

    • +2

      A whole new world
      A dazzling place I never knew
      But now from way up here
      It's crystal clear
      That now I'm in a whole new world with you

  • Open beta was ok, but a bit tiresome after killing about the 50000ish wolf.

    If anything it just made me load up Everquest (on P99) again and continue the eternal grind.

    • I don't stop for wolves lol

  • How's the latency. Was on the fence of giving it a try but from what I've seen there are no OCE or SEA servers?

  • 11ms ping from Wollongong, big queues still.

    Is there a way to make a Lenovo legion pro not run at 100deg in the queue?

    • Perhaps cranking resolution and graphic settings right to the bottom?

  • is pretty accurate for stuff.
    Yesterday arvo a 422 queue for Adiri took about an hour to get in. I see they've increased numbers to 2500 a server so hopefully that helps a little bit.

    Currently level 16 and enjoying the game but the running is getting a little bit repetitive.

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