[VIC] AusPost to stop parcel pickups again (Greater Melbourne)

Understand that AusPost are again going to temporarily halt parcel pickups from customers as from this Friday for 5 days.
Claim is it is so they can clear the backlog of parcels.
To my mind it may help clear the present backlog but only to create another one down the road.

For Context

28 September 2021
We’ll be pausing eParcel and Parcel Post pickups, collections and lodgements from eCommerce retailers across Greater Melbourne Metro operations only. The pause will last for five days.

Start: 12.01am Friday 1 October (AEST)
End: 12.01am Wednesday 6 October (AEST)

Collections from eCommerce retailers in regional Victoria and all other states will continue as normal.
Collections from Street Post Boxes across Victoria will be unaffected. All deliveries will continue (including on weekends) and our Post Offices will remain open for all usual business.
All letters, Express Post, StarTrack Premium, StarTrack Courier, Startrack Express, domestic and international letters remain unchanged across our network, as does processing for all international inbound and outbound.

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    Kicking the can is what they are good at.

    How else can the met their KPIs, the Auspost way.

  • so? old news….
    im interested to know when they stop buying cartier watches

    • +6

      Is that still funny?

    • +1

      I'm interested to know how they are still leaving miss you card, when people are in lockdown …

    • +7

      Christine Holgate spent 20k on watches to reward few employees on 2018 and last year the new management gave 28.2 million bonuses to 345 employees who earned over 200k/year, roughly 82k per employee.

      Holgate was fired. Must be a gender thing? :P

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        more important to put that money towards middle management than frontline workers, drivers, and someone to sit on the Facebook page and moderate (which I note they have now totally locked down - probably due to the Voller decision)

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    That's alright, I'm sure the executives earnt their bonus's /s

    Cant even do their core job on time, still blaming "covid" even thou its been 18months since covid kicked off

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    Source op? interested to read more into it as got a few things on the way. Had a google but couldn't find anything

  • Will this be only in VIC or nationwide?

  • I don't really understand how that's going to help anyway, people aren't going to stop trying to mail stuff, it'll just be waiting to be sent once they're back again

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      You can still mail stuff, it only affects businesses that have auspost come to collect their parcels

      • Ah I didn't know that.
        But I guess further to my question, aren't the businesses just going to stockpile all the mail AP don't pick up so when they do come back to pickup they have more to take with them

        • That is true. They are just pushing the problem into the future.

  • I think it's more to free drivers to deliver more packages rather than picking them up.

    Senders can still deliver the packages to post office.

    • Nope. The drivers who deliver are not the same ones who pick up packages. We have had the same pick up guy for five years now and that is his only job.

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        They probably redeploy people. I can't imagine they'd pause pickups for a week and then let the pickup guys sit on their hands.

        • Yeah they do for sure. But I think they are still doing express post pick ups.

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    One of the biggest issues is that the transport sector is really struggling to onboard drivers. In the last ten years it has been largely dominated by those on student visas and new Australians with extremely low barriers to entry. This has changed with increased heavy vehicle legislation and compliance requirements, although shady operators are plentiful.The supply of new candidates has ceased post COVID and it has presented a major issue.

    The transport sector was once a very well paying industry. Maybe this was the reset button those in the industry have been screaming for. Albeit too late for some with many experienced operators already leaving due to being undercut by substandard operators, increasing red tape and eroding working conditions.

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      There is 600k people on zero hours. The effective unemployment rate is 2x the current rate. Australia post is just lazy. Don't tell me they can't find a few thousand people out of 600k working zero hours.

      Unemployment estimated at 9.5%

      The Guardian reported version

      • I know hard to believe. Not just Auspost/Startrack, it is across the board. Lots of drivers went to Woolies & Coles with their increased online deliveries and better pay rates, others to Amazon leaving a massive shortage of drivers. Even the industry associations have entered into the debate re: skills shortages.

        If you know anyone looking for work feel free to shoot me a message and I'll pass on their details.

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    This is becoming a joke!
    People are not going to stop buying. Rather backlogs are just going to continue building up.
    I'm now 25 days into waiting for a purchase to even be picked up (in Melbourne).

    I'm normally supportive of circumstances like this from time to time, but it's now just becoming a f'ark1ng joke!

    • +1

      They have the monopoly game named after them, even that's tanking from the deals posts. Deluded bunch.

      • That one will be worth a mint in future!… pppfffttt…

        Are the pieces an envelope, parcel, and Cartier watch?
        I wonder if the express post bag piece would be a 'do not pass go, do not collect $200' piece. One would have thought 'express' means it can take shortcuts… no?

  • Its not just pick ups
    Business account holders and my Business account holders cant actually lodge parcels (even if they walk in to a PO)

  • Morons need Bezos to teach em about logistics !

    • Hold your horses.

      I ordered from Amazon AU and US on the same day.

      The one from the US arrived via DHL in 7 days, but I’m still waiting on the one from Amazon’s warehouse inside Australia.

      Earlier this year, I used to place orders 5pm and would receive them the next day. Clearly, something is wrong with the whole logistics/freight industry during the latest outbreaks.

      • Same here but not like waiting 2-3 weeks city to city or 4-5 weeks interstate .
        Add in where a Ebay Customer can open a case all merchants on Ebay is rooted .

      • +2

        Amazon AU has crawled to a snail's pace in the last few weeks, packages that would be overnight are now days.

        Amazon US also taking weeks, used to be more like 2 weeks, now 3.

        • Yep, didn't renew prime since there is no point.

          They pretty much just price matches, much easier to get the sub 39 orders from Coles and Woolies. If its anything that can wait, I got enough free shipping stuffings on the wish list.