Logitech Announces MX Keys Mini and MX Keys Mini for Mac

Logitech has announced a compact version of the MX Keys.

US$99 / ~A$136. $169.95

Colours - Rose, Pale Gray, Graphite in AU.

Black from the US.

Logitech added a dedicated emoji key to the top row of Mini’s function keys that lets you add some personality to your messages, in addition to a voice dictation key and a mic mute key that mutes on a system level, not per application. Joining them on the function row are media and volume keys, along with an option to adjust the brightness of the keyboard backlighting.

The MX Keys Mini charges via USB-C and can flip between three Bluetooth devices via keys that easily let you switch. But something you should know about this model is that it doesn’t ship with Logitech’s unifying USB receiver, and it won’t work with one you might already have. It’s a Bluetooth-only affair, though it is compatible with Logitech’s new $14.99 Bolt USB receiver that lowers latency and adds more security.

Logitech claims that the MX Keys Mini can deliver up to 10 days of battery life with the backlighting turned on, as it is by default. Though, it can apparently last up to five months with the backlighting off.





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  • +1

    Get in me! Hopefully cheaper than the current model

    • +1

      It is the same price as the full-sized MX Keys (in the US market). It's cheaper (~A$136) only because it's converted from US$99…

      • +1

        I think AU prices not yet announced. That was an indication (currency conversion) only.

  • Neat if I hadn’t splashed out on iPad magic keyboard I would have gone this for sure.

  • +1

    Might grab one to leave at the office so I don’t have to use the yucky wired ones with random shit on it. Tax deductible after all

  • I'd be all over one of these this but a numpad as well, just ripping out the arrow and pg up/dwn/etc keys.

    But I'm probably unique in wanting that, I have a small keyboard tray on my standing desk, I use a numpad but it's not big enough for a full sized keyboard.

    Shame on the pricing, you'd figure a smaller keyboard would be cheaper to build? Will likely go on sale faster though, most people would look at the mini one and the full keyboard at the same price and go the full keyboard, I'd imagine.

    • +1

      Most people don't need a full size keyboard with numpad these days. I think it will be quite popular.

  • +1

    Very small and cute. Looks great for portability. Bit of a rip-off if it's actually the same price, though.

    Personally, I don't mind a numpad for a typing-oriented keyboard, so I'm happy with my current setup of full-size MX Keys + 60% / TKL mech for gaming.

    A proper black colour would be appreciated though, Logitech, as well as a fix for the proximity backlighting randomly firing.

  • Hmm my much cheaper K380 works well enough for mac/ipad/iphone.

  • +1

    Shame about it not having unifying receiver support, finding less and less available slots and too many Bluetooth devices in the same area tend to cause some issues.

  • +1

    "MX Keys Mini and MX Keys Mini for Mac at $169.95 in Australia"


    • Did the RRP of the MX Keys just go up $30? I swear it used to be $199.

  • I’m ready to buy this.

  • +1

    It is now on the AU Logitech website, price is A$169.95 and it says "Coming Soon"
    It's also on preorder on Harvey Norman, at A$169, with release date 13th October.
    Only Rose, Pale Gray, Graphite seems to be available and not the new Black version.

    • Black looks to be US only. Thanks for the links.

      • Are there any difference if we just import it from the US?

        • +1

          I don't think so.

        • Where do you plan to buy it from?
          It looks like it's not on amazon.com yet.

          • +1

            @lorikeet: Not sure, but it eventually will be. It’s a shame black isn’t available here.