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Douxlife Racing GC-RC01 Gaming Chair US$85.99 (A$116.98), Classic GC-CL01 Gaming Chair US$59.99 (A$82.62) Shipped @ Banggood AU


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Douxlife® Racing GC-RC01 Gaming Chair
code:BGGCRC012AU price:US$85.99

Material:High Quality Leather/Raw cotton/stereotype cotton
Reclining:Max 180°
Height Adjustable:10cm
Pillows: Removable Headrest & Lumbar Pillows
Maximum Load:350lbs

Douxlife® Classic GC-CL01 Gaming Chair
code:BGGCCL012AU price:US$59.99

Height Adjustable:11cm
Maximum Load:350lbs

Douxlife® DL-OC04 Mesh Office Chair
code:BG258f0c price:US$65.99

Material:Mesh + PU
Hight Adjustable: 94-111.5 cm

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  • Hmmmm…. looks 100% same as the Blitzwolf branded chair I got from them.

    Either way good chair for circa $100

    • +7

      Watched a lot of chair review and all concluded that, most of the gaming chairs like this type (except the logitech one which is basically an hm embody) are very good at destroying your spine by keeping you in a curling position.

  • +4

    Just a suggestion, rep. As this is an Australian based site, might be better to show weight in kilograms, not pounds.

  • +1

    A video about gaming chairs by Gamers Nexus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Yhc6mmdJC4&t=306s&ab_channe....

    One of the pictures of gaming chairs in it is exactly this chair: https://youtu.be/9Yhc6mmdJC4?t=223

    I would recommend watching the video before the purchase just to be informed, I am not saying that this is or not a good chair.

  • +3

    Buy a decent fabric chair instead of throwing this out when it inevitably starts to peel

  • +3

    After the comments I've read and owning several gaming chairs. Mesh, office and ergonomic chairs are in a completely different and a better class of their own.

  • +2

    Buying "gaming" chairs (especially ultra-cheapo ones) is a great way to throw money away and cripple yourself.

  • +1

    Is there any way to use these without the wheels? Every chair I see has wheels and I want one without…

    • dont put the wheels on.

    • +2

      Requires assembly, so comes without the castors fitted. You wouldn't want to use it with just the base on the floor though. Can probably get glides that use the same socket and use them instead, but probably cheaper/easier just to fit the castors and use cups.

      ^something like that, but no idea if it would fit or not.

      Still got a recaro car seat on an office chair base from back in the day, which I assume is what kicked the whole gaming chair thing off? Base broke years ago though. Should probably get around to fixing it. Even had inflatable lumbar support. Actual car seat though, not just something made to look like one. With the heavy duty mech and base, must weigh like 3x's what a gaming chair does.

  • +2

    Bought the Blitzwolf gaming chair, defective. Had an insanely hard time getting a refund or returning the product.
    Banggood provides some great products at really good prices, but I would definitely not be buying furniture from them anytime soon.

  • +1

    Officeworks charges $159 for the Douxlife® Classic GC-CL01 Gaming Chair. $83 delivered is not bad.