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Xbox Series X/S Wireless Controller - Carbon Black $78 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Only available in Carbon Black at this price.
Includes Xbox Wireless and Bluetooth technology for wireless gaming on supported consoles, Windows 10 PCs and Android.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +16

    Here's hoping MS release an updated controller that doesn't sound like morse code.

    • +4

      If only it had a VMU slot ;-)

      • +4

        Don't tease me like that.

    • Right? Dpad is semi-unusable in my situation.
      And front buttons rattle worse than a MadCatz.

      Shame because I really like the shape and analog sticks.

  • +4

    Crap controller. Out of the box the power button already faulty. Returned it.

    I rather keep repairing the buttons on my existing controller as they wear out.

    • What's your existing controller?

      My first one failed completely within a couple of months. Just stopped turning on.

      Second one, the shoulder buttons are a bit substandard now.

      Otherwise, they do feel great in the hand.

  • +5

    incredibly good controllers…. way beyond my expectation.

    Was using previous gen xbox controllers, not bad but the shoulder buttons were a bit dull and ABXY are too hard to press.. make it less competitive when it comes to sharp gaming…

    current gen is much better in terms of competitive gaming, quick click response buttons, nice grip. much better than dual sense, especially the shoulder buttons….

    • -3

      Wait until you get your hands on a PS5 controller… you’ll be blown away

      • +5

        using one now…. the vibration is mind blowing… and that's it…

        adaptive triggers are OK but the resistance feels cheap. with some werid cracking sound when producing resistance… better than nothing I suppose.

        L1 and R1 is just too hard, with unnecessarily long travel.

        Grip is better than DS4, suits small hands better.

        input lag is higher than DS4, according to MUG players.

        overall I still prefer DS4 and uses DS4 whenever I can, shame cannot use them on PS5 games….

        • +1

          I think the L1 and R1 has long travel to give different levels of resistance.

          It has that little touchpad that helps with inputting various characters, without navigating frustrating onscreen keyboards.

          And the haptics, that’s game dependent, some games are better tuned to it. But yeah it’s pretty darn cool.

          Only complain against the Xbox one is that it feels like a lazy effort compared to what Sony did from last gen to this gen. But if it ain’t broke don’t fix it I guess.

      • PS5 controller is average at best, used one for a few months and the right trigger completely busted after minimal use (no spring tension) … I think the only thing it has going for it is the adaptive feedback which is cool.

  • Is this much of an upgrade over the Xbox One S controller, or should I be better off looking at something like the Elite Series instead?

    • +3

      It's not much of an upgrade over a One S but the Elite is also not 3 times better than the Series controller.

      I also expect Microsoft to release an Elite 3 soon.

  • Thanks OP. Bought the used Shock Blue one for $68 :)

    • +2

      Lol,I saw that this afternoon, good deal. would take it if I haven't order the Forza controller.

    • Doesn't seem to be in stock now with amazon themselves/clicking on See All Buying Options shows in stock at some third party for 103 bucks.. ?

      • That's Amazon warehouse stock.limited quantity

      • I cancelled my order. It might be shown up as available soon. :)

  • +2

    Bought one from JB HiFi recently, A/Y buttons register only like 2/3 of the time and seems to be a known problem, cannot recommend this controller at all.

    • +3

      Yours is faulty. Exchange it

  • +1

    TGG Commercial has always been selling this for $72 https://www.thegoodguyscommercial.com.au/xbox-wireless-contr...

  • $54 CC or delivered from Target if you can find stock.
    Via Zip & Newsletter

    • I can't find any xbox controllers on the Target website at all? Also doesn't that deal exclude gaming stuff?

    • $10 voucher code doesn’t work for Xbox controllers

      • +1

        Also zip deal is only $20 back once you reach the $30 cash back threshold… you don't get it straight away.
        $10 newsletter deal is good though.

  • +1

    Best controller for PC, love the Dpad and how clicky it is

  • Tempting but the reviews of bluetooth disconnections is rather concerning. I also have a wired one which I like but hardly use so I will probably skip

  • +1

    I have the old Xbox controller version with wireless dongle which is mint never had any issues. I bought this new version awhile ago as thought I'd play some co op games with my son.

    Control itself I personally felt very good, no issues and it is a bit smaller than the old version so fit my hands better. I have 2 modern computers. Current gen AMD 5600x, on this pc it was annoying I had to only have the old control connected first, start a game then connect this new one via bluetooth to get both working and sometimes connection would be lost. I gave up in frustration and haven't used it since on that pc.

    On my main pc Intel 10900KF the bluetooth was horrendous and kept dropping out, it was basically unusable. Seems like a common issue. I took a chance and bought the Microsoft wireless adapter:


    This fixed my issues and it works perfect. Only complaint I have now is sometimes the pc on a cold start the control won't connect to the adapter unless you pull it out and put it back in. No such issue with my old Xbox control which works always with its adapter. I'd buy it this new control again but personally only recommend it if you have the adapter (there are some reviews out there that the adapter didn't even fix it for some people though). I have also updated the firmware on it to the newest version, this didn't fix the bluetooth drop outs.

  • +1

    I recently got a S|X controller from Telstra rewards, I replaced my Elite 1 controller.

    Some things to note are -

    • The controller is smaller than the previous Xbox One controllers
    • There is texture on the triggers that, depending on where you rest your fingers, you may find uncomfortable
    • The d-pad is very, very clicky, but I'm a fan of it
    • It is USB-C which is fantastic IMO
    • The "share" button that was added to the controller is a bit of a pain to remap, but as long as you enable Extended Feature Support within Steam then you should be able to remap it

    All in all, I'm happy with the controller. The Xbox layout is still my personal favourite for comfort.

  • How does the built in wireless work with Windows 10? I notice they also sell a dongle yet this has built in bluetooth is the USB dongle just a bluetooth adapter?

    • The dongle is 2.4ghz for when you don't have Bluetooth on your PC.

      • +1

        This allows it to pass audio to controller as well, so that you can plug a headset into it.

    • Works well, I haven't had any issues with Win10 and Bluetooth. Very good controller overall (I've only used Xbox controllers on PC for years). Shoulder buttons can take a bit of getting used too.

  • Looks like it’s Out of stock?

  • I'm still waiting on sub $50 xbox one controllers!

    • Official Xbox One controllers have been superseded by the Series controllers. You'll have a hard time finding brand new One controllers.

      • I've been having a hard time finding them for years now, it's ridiculous.

  • Is there some sort of charging dock for these controllers where I can leave my eneloops in charge it?

    • Built-in battery in this model (USB C charging), no enloops needed.

      • that's only for the special battery pack. It saids it in the questions on the amazon page:

        does it have usb c for charging?
        It uses batteries.
        By Andrew on 7 May 2021
        if using a battery pack yes.
        will not charge standard rechargeable batteries

        • Woops sorry for false info, I stand corrected