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[Zip] Spend $50 with Zip Pay, Get $20 Back @ Target Online


Stack with the $10 off with $50 spend via the newsletter signup comes to a pretty great discount.

Note: This is a rewards goal credit, a minimum of $30 is required to be able to cash in. Rewards expire 12 months after being earned.

Spend $50 or more in one transaction at Target online using your Zip account to earn $20 cashback towards your Rewards goal. Redeemable when you reach the Rewards goal. 1 redemption per Customer. Promotion starts 5:00pm AEST 28 September 2021 and ends 11.59pm AEST 30 September 2021. Reward Program T&C's apply.

Some Current Promotions to stack onto:

As always, enjoy :)

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    thanks op

  • Any $1 item on target?

    Never mind, there are heaps.

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    Reminder, you need a $30 balance to claim in ZIP

    • So do I need another $10 zip reward before I can claim $30? I could not just claim the $20?

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        That's correct. You need a $30 balance to claim in ZIP.

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    What to do to get another $10 rewards credit so I can cash out?

    Without buying goods.

    Bills cop a $2.50 fee.

    I suppose they have the everyday gift card.. With amazon on it. But $400 gift card to get the necessary $10 rewards credit is a fair bit. Would take me ages to use.

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      There was a big w $20 rewards last month. Maybe Kmart, Myer, DJs might have one soon…but I wouldn’t risk it.

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        Yeah. I just realised I would have to spend alot of money to get $10 rewards credit..

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    Is the newsletter signup link not working for anyone else?

    • try using the 'join now' button and signing up through there for the $10 discount. that's what I did and it worked. hope this helps

      • Sorry where's this "join now" button you speak of?

        • the little person icon in the top right, pressing that will open up the side bar on the right side of the webpage, then you should see join target today, login, and track

          • @nicholaschan: I joined and it gave me no $10 code :(

            • @Gomo: try adding to cart, it normally applies automatically in the checkout page :)

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              @Gomo: never mind tried another email and got the code :)

              Unfortunately no Cybertrucks available though :(

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    Do i need to buy 60 with the newsletter code?

    • Exactly what I was wondering…anyone?

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      Of course. I would think Zip will only see the final amount.

  • I’ve never used zip before
    But was going to buy some lego for $230.
    If I pay with zip do I get $20 back ? Can I pay off zip straight away

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    • No, receive $20 rewards, need to make it to $30 to claim.

  • Spend $50 or more in one transaction at Target online using your Zip account to earn $20 cashback towards your Rewards goal.

    Is Zip trying to confuse people? What's the rewards goal (in dollar value)?

    • +7

      Rewards goal is literally $30.

      You're $20 towards being able to cash out after this promo.

      Options for the other $10

      • $100 @ Nike 10% cashback
      • $400 gift card 2.5% cashback
      • $150 @ Agoda 7% cashback
      • $100 @ Iconic 12% cashback + $20 off first order
      • $80 @ Cotton On $20 cashback
      • Is it just spend $50 get $20 back?

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          Basically yes.

          Catch is you can't redeem that $20 until reaching the goal of $30, then apply the $30 to outstanding balance before paying it out.

          • @randomusername2017: Thanks for the explanation, but I think my money's saved

            • +5

              @xiangtan: Same.. just used afterpay $15 off $25 @ Target

              Btw Target has some super fast shipping atm

              • @randomusername2017: Do you have a link for this after pay deal?

                • @Drifta: Requires an afterpay account with pulse rewards activated, will be in your rewards tab.

                  If not use an afterpay referral from here for a $30 sign up bonus.

                  • @randomusername2017: My Afterpay rewards doesn't have Target deal. It has alot of other stores including BigW and Myers. Is it different for different people?

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                      @sedi: Most likely similar rewards for most accounts.
                      They rotate regularly - note the X amount of days left on each one.

                  • @randomusername2017: How did you get/activate pulse rewards? I have my app updated as latest but couldnt find anywhere..

                    • @countmein: Appears in the app after you've paid out a couple of purchases.
                      Right hand bottom corner rewards icon.

                      New account?

                      • @randomusername2017: Ah, you need the app.
                        Just in case anyone else installs the app and tries to login - re-requesting the confirmation code (because it didn't arrive) is counted as a failed login attempt!
                        I re-requested to my phone, then requested to my email so I'm now locked out of my account - no idea how long for.
                        AfterPay haven't even notified me of someone trying to login to my account :/

                      • @randomusername2017: Ah thats why, i rarely use afterpay no wonder i got no rewards

      • Thanks randomusername2017
        Would’ve missed the cotton on one

      • Where says gift card can get 2.5% cashback? Don't see it anywhere.

  • Assuming this will stack with shopback or cashrewards right

    • should be if you are not using any code.

      • Ah thanks. I prefer to use newsletter voucher code instead of cashback rate (0.6% for toys is lol)

  • Am I meant to see it in the Rewards section of the ZIP app, or do I need to activate it first? Can’t see it there unfortunately.

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      In the shop section. No activition required

  • Any idea if the $20 reward expires after a certain period?

    Will have to wait for another deal to reach the $30

    • +3

      In the post : 12 months

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    Awesome can reach the $30 goal now. Had $20 from the previous Big W cashback.

    • +1

      You can only cash out $30 at a time? You’ll have to wait til another $20 deal to cash out the remaining $10. 🤓

  • So the newsletter discount excludes gift cards and "interactive gaming".
    What is that "interactive gaming" referring to?
    Does videogames count as interactive gaming?

    Is anyone able to claim the code a guest email they signed up for the newsletter do you have to make an account before claim first? Please help

    • Yes video games are excluded. On a related noted, how is Breath of the Wild still going for $79?

      • Nintendo first party title. They never get reduces in value numbers

  • So you can’t cash out the $20 untill it reaches $30?

    • correct

  • I'm suddenly getting this error on their website

    Access DeniedYou don't have permission to access "http://www.target.com.au/" on this server.

    Reference #18.9cae4d68.1632822438.c76963bd

    • Frozen out?

      Loads fine here..

      • Gone incognito and works now. Strange though.

    • +1

      Sounds like Akamai's web application firewall. Some websites that use Akamai CDN services have this enabled to block bots, VPNs and other malicious traffic and maybe you tripped it somehow. If it's working in incognito, clearing your cookies might fix the problem.

  • So if another $20 bonus deal comes along, I will still only be able to cashout $30 and then $10 will be left over until I get it to $30 again?

    • yes

  • How long does it take for the $20 to appear in zip rewards?

    • +1

      Completed a few minutes ago but haven't seen the reward yet.

    • +1

      Ordered less than an hour ago and checked now, it's there

  • So…Is it going to be $50 or $60 per transaction with the newsletter code?

    • Code takes $10 off your order so need to reach $60

  • Nice one OP, got $10 bonus for $20 spend on Cashrewards and felt compelled to use it, this made it worthwhile.

  • Spent over $60, Signed up for new account for $10, and used Zip.

    haven’t received zip rewards and target did not automatically deduct $10 as they said they would from purchase.

    • You're supposed to enter a code at checkout.

      • Hmm i wasnt going for the newsletter, which i know has a code (due to website loading error), but instead went through the new account method and got an email saying i would just get $10 off when i spend over $50, no code in sight on the email :(

      • +1

        My $10 off got deducted by Target automatically

  • -3

    Credit check and (possible) $6 account keeping fee, no wonder this company s*cks.

      • +1

        You only pay a $6 fee if you have a balance outstanding at the end of the month FYI.

        • What about credit check? Afterpay doesn't do that.

          • @SpaceNinja: Yes they do a credit check for Zip Pay. Afterpay is slightly different as the "loans" are tied directly to products, whereas Zip Pay you can pay bills, BPAY and complete other financial transactions not tied to products up to $1000, therefore they require a credit check.

            It depends what you need it for, not worth really signing up if you don't want to. They have had some good offers in the past which have been worthwhile (such as 10% cashback).

        • +1

          The account keeping fee applies at the end of 2nd month if you have an outstanding balance. It's now increased to $7.95.

  • They need to stock up on the Switch games!! Bravely Default 2 at $25 would be good now :p

  • anyones reward for $20 not track? I paid with zip but my rewards balance didn't +$20

    • me neither

    • Nope
      Edit: tracked after 30mins ish

    • mine tracked. took a little while

  • I'm confused. What if I spend $60 at Target, do I get the $30 credit as I spent an extra $10?

    • Nope…capped at $20

  • +2

    Is the $10 sign up working? Im spamming the sign me up button but nothing happens

    • Managed to sign up on my phone when it popped up

    • Where do you get that? I've been waiting for a referral from the ozbargain generator but no-one has replied yet. Anyone want to PM me with a referral invite?

      • You did not open PM setting.

        • Fixed, thanks. I didn't know that was a setting.

    • It worked for me in an existing account. Just browse the website without logging in for a few pages and a pop-out window should prompt it.

  • So after the target purchase, Can I use zip pay to pay bills water $300, electricity bills $500 at post office?

  • Does 2% apply to bpay bills online? I have never used zip pay but I have the app so was thinking if I purchase this target purchase $50 and pay $500 bill , it would add to $30 rewards?
    Can anyone clarify this ?

  • Anyone know what happens if target doesn’t fulfill the whole order and order is now less than $50?

    Or an item needs to be refunded?

    • I'd think since that the order is now less than $50, there will be part refund and therefore the credit will be reversed.

      • This is my worry, target has a habit of having something I order not in stock, which means I should order $60 or $70 Just in case…

    • +2
      • It sounds fairer, but it'll be an odd figure. In other words, your reward balance may be difficult to be exact $30 in future.

  • -2

    All I wil olsay about Target is taht tehy are ~6 ing Brainless Twits .
    If you pay by gift cards teh y will give you profits of 5% when tehy refund to you via your bank account.
    Only orgainization worldwide I'm aware of that does that .

    • +3

      I juice dot understund wath yoo say

  • How do you check if you have received $20 credit ? I just bought something above $50 from Target and used Zip, it asked for my debit card details and instantly got deducted.

    But I can't find the $20 cashback reward.

    • Apologies, found it after fiddling around.
      The new app UI is confusing and useless. Does anyone know how I can get the other $10 Zip rewards and redeem this thing ?

      • you have to wait for the next promotion to take part.