Phone That Will be Future Proofed and Durable for a Good Price?

Yeah that was hard to read but I am basically looking for my next good value all rounder phone.

Currently using a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 that is many years old and I am noticing it having a hard time to keep up especially with typing and basic Web browsing.

So looking for the best value sweet spot phone budget probably under $400. All I know is that I need a strong soc and lots of RAM, the rest is pretty irrelevant. Oh and battery life is very important probably super high priority. Something like the mi Max's battery was good. Camera speaker and screen can be bad they are all the same these days.

So what's hot ATM that fulfils these requirements.


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    Jump on the s21 offer before it expires at the end of the month

    • Agree with this one but he can't trade in that Redmi Note 4 :(

    • Oh link? I must have missed this even though I scan the new deals pretty frequently

        • Thanks unfortunately my xiaomi redmi note 4 is not eligible.

          So not sure how much of a discount i can get without the trade in discount.

          • @AlienC: You can run the trade app on a friends/family phone but not send it in.. you'll be charged $60 so still on top

      • S21 $399 for 128GB, $499 for 256GB.

        • Cant do it not eligible.


    • Just so no one gets confused, specifically the X3 Pro

      • Thanks for correcting!

        • The Poco X3 Pro looks amazing personally wish it had more ram and battery capacity otherwise it looks perfect.

          Hopefully some good case covers also.

          • @AlienC: The 256gb has 8gb ram and 5160mAh. GSMArena rate the life pretty good.

            • @Nalar: I am keeping this phone in mind but the way I use my devices I will be much more at ease and comfortable if I got one with 12gb or 16gb of ram just because I know I will try to fill it out of habit.

              I like to break things or push things to their limit and while 8gb should be fine I can see myself maxing that out immediately or very fast.

              Yeah I need to keep looking or just tell myself I need to fork out a lot of cash for a top of the line flagship.

              • @AlienC: If you find a sub $400 16gb phone, please share.

                • @Nalar: Oh yeah nah that's not probable and will probably be terrible in other areas.

                  What I meant to say was I will probably have to scrap the budget to obtain a 16gb phone.

                  Yeah if I find a sub $400 12gb ram phone though with a 800 series snapdragon soc then maybe that might tempt me.

                  But honestly I use my phone for a lot of things and only have one phone for work and personal and every thing so I really should just suck it up and not be stingy money wise on my next phone and buy something above $400.

                  My last phone was a budget low range test just above the ultra budgets and was about $270 iirc basically below $300 and it has lasted me about 4 years now so good value imho.

                  My $240-300 boost mobile prepaid 12 months plan cost more than it after 2 years if not 1 when I have not been able or bothered to get the discount.

                  Anyways yeah those are just my experiences.

    • Wow nice battery life on those phones.

      I just have to confirm that the cpu or SoC is more powerful than my current snapdragon 650 otherwise i will continue to get slowdowns and freezes.

      Ram looks good though at 8gb but 12gb would be more future proof obviously.

      Everything else looks dandy.

  • Just wondering, what version of MIUI are you running? I've downgraded from 10 to 9 and I've noticed a huge difference in the amount of RAM available (and storage space available).

    • MIUI Global | Stable

      how do you downgrade

      Won't I lose a lot of features

      Do I have to root

      I'm not messing around with root for the same reason I don't really mess around with overclocking.. I'm not prepared to lose the device and buy another over a mistake

      Never gamble what you are not ready to lose