POCO X3 Pro Global Snapdragon 860 6GB / 128GB US$210.14 (~A$295.48) Delivered from Hong Kong @ Banggood


Another sale on for the Poco X3 smartphones

POCO X3 Pro Global Version 6GB 128GB 6.67" 120Hz 5160mAh 4G Smartphone discounted to US$210.14 or ~$AU295.48 after coupon

Coupon is : BG583933

OS: MIUI 12 for POCO, based on Android 11
CPU: Snapdragon 860 Octa Core, up to 2.96GHz
GPU: Adreno 640
ROM: 128GB UFS 3.1
Card Extend: Supports an external TF card up to 1TB (VFAT)
Display Size: 6.67 inch DotDisplay, 20:9
Type: FHD+ Capacitive Touch Screen
Resolution: 2400*1080 pixels, 395ppi
Features: 1500:1 contrast ratio, Screen brightness 450 nit (typ), HDR10, Sunlight display, Reading mode 2.0, 120Hz refresh rate, 240Hz sample rate, HDR10, Corning Gorilla Glass 6

8GB Ram version is also available with a discount after coupon

POCO X3 Pro Global Version 8GB 256GB 6.67" 120Hz 5160mAh 4G Smartphone for US$250.14 or ~AU$351.73 after coupon

Coupon is : BG900f3f

OS: MIUI 12 for POCO, based on Android 11
CPU: Snapdragon 860 Octa Core, up to 2.96GHz
GPU: Adreno 640
ROM: 256GB UFS 3.1
Card Extend: Supports an external TF card up to 1TB (VFAT)
Display Size: 6.67 inch DotDisplay, 20:9
Type: FHD+ Capacitive Touch Screen
Resolution: 2400*1080 pixels, 395ppi
Features: 1500:1 contrast ratio, Screen brightness 450 nit (typ), HDR10, Sunlight display, Reading mode 2.0, 120Hz refresh rate, 240Hz sample rate, HDR10, Corning Gorilla Glass 6

Delivered from the Hong Kong Store.

Available in Colours:

  • Metal Bronze
  • Frost Blue
  • Phantom Black

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  • +1

    Great phone - so fast. Only issue I have is it doesn't handle my Tplink mesh as good as Id like (need to switch wifi on off as I move through the house)

    Works with VoLTE and VoWifi on Boost

    • Did VoLTE and VoWiFi work out of the box?

      • +3

        You need to use the dialer codes but worked no issue after that. Heard it can take a power off/reset but did work. VoWifi seems pretty cool - seem to get it used when talking to Apple phones.

    • What model of mesh do you have? I have S4 and not noticed any issue.

    • +13

      Just signed up to give you my fix. Turn off Fast Roaming. Apparently it doesnt support 802.11r. Took me 3 months of frustration and googling. Finally completely happy with my poco x3 pro

      • Thanks - done. Tplink M5 triple pack

      • hi there, where is the fast roaming setting? if turned off, does it affect other devices on the same wifi network?

        • +2

          Fast roaming is a setting on my tplink Deco app in the advanced settings. Disabling it had no effect on other phones, tablets, mi box, Nintendo switch or computers to which they were able to link to each mesh. From what I found the wifi protocol of 802.11r is a newer, faster setting and may not work with older devices or devices without the protocol. Turning it off was the only thing that made my poco work with my mesh.

    • I had exactly the same issue, poco x3 pro and tp-link deco m5 3pk mesh. The phone intermittently lost internet connection with wifi still connected. switch wifi on off is a workaround. Suspect that it has something to do with wifi mesh but can't proof. Did you solve it completely?

      • It works perfectly now. All other devices are working perfectly

  • +1

    No OLED but if you don't care about that then this seems like a crazy deal

    • +5

      LCD is a perfectly fine screen, also no burn ins.

    • +2

      I actually prefer LCD. The colour is more natural.

    • Yeah only thing holding me back. What a phone this would have been if it had OLED. Insane. However as others have said it's still really good, just lose out on always on display I guess.

      • +1

        The f3 is currently on discount. No headphone jack though, but ridiculously cheap.

        • Yeah I did see the post. Excellent deal, I'm still going well with my Mi 9T Pro but it's definitely on my radar should I feel the need to replace it.

  • NFC?

    • It does say on the page (yes).

      • Confirmed

    • Yeah it does

  • Is it worth spending $12 more to get it from the AU warehouse?

  • censor on this xiaomi global versions?

    • +1

      You referring to the inactive adblock list?

    • +1

      bought my 8gb version on banggood and i can access the censored keywords fine.

  • +2

    Does the coupon negate cash back?

    • +1

      Can essentially net it for around AU $278 delivered buying instead through the Shopback App. This will take you to the mobile site which offers it as a group buy for US$208 (AU$292) needing you as the one final person of two to complete it. Untick insured shipping, paying with Paypal instead and in US$ on a card that offers a good XE rate. This way you should get 5% cashback as no coupon is used.

  • Are people buying 4G phones over 5G phones for any reason other than pricepoint at the moment? I remember when the 4G phones started to replace 3G and the 4G phones were inefficient, hot and kinda buggy. Are we past that point yet for 5G?

    • +4

      Any potential bugs aside, i personally dont see a need for speeds faster than 4g on my phone. Not against 5g, just dont do any massive downloads on the go.

      • +3

        Agreed. 99% use the internet for surfing, gaming or streaming videos. 4g is pretty dam fast and good for that. 5g won't be super necessary yet unless you love torrenting or something.

    • Everyone's stuck at home and on WI-FI for the most part, probably will be the case over the next 12 months

    • +2

      Using belong or Logan

      Not getting 5g in a long time

    • +2

      what for do you need internet speed faster than 150mbps?
      personally, i don't know what for I need it so I'm still on 4g, despite my phone is 5g and I'm too lazy to buy a new 5g sim

    • I mean, even if 5g managed to become stable enough to be daily driven, 4g is sufficient for most people. There's something to be said about having a larger range of bandwidth to prevent traffic, but that's not an inherent 5g thing.

      I think 5g will eventually matter when we enter cloud gaming era, but let's be real, many of us are probably happy with just parsec or something on 4g.

    • -1

      5G will activate the vaccine to make you magnetic. That in itself should make you want to get 5G phones right now.

    • Only Telstra 5G here for example northern Gold Coast), so i'd rather wait a year or 2 for 5G (assuming it takes that long to roll out) , then another year or two to see some sort of competition in the 5G space , then another year or two to see it come to the MVNO's ? (speculating at the time line)

      4G is more then fast enough for me.

  • Hmm this or Note 10 PRO.

    • I went note 10 pro for the screen since im more about mobile content consumption, but if youre more a mobile gamer the x3 pro is the better choice.

    • Went Note 10 Pro for the headphone jack. Simple things

      • +2

        This also has a headphone jack

        • Whoops - can't keep up. It's the Poco F3 that doesn't hey?

          Have minor buyers remorse now… oh well!

    • X3 Pro if gaming and future-proof performance is most important to you, especially the 8gb version. Note 10 Pro if camera and screen quality is most important to you. Neither is bad in any category but the X3 screen and camera is 4/5 compared to the Note 10 and the Note 10 real world performance is 4/5 that of the X3. And I know it's not objective, but the Note 10 Pro looks and feels better imho although the blue X3 Pro is growing on me.

      • I don't have access to a note 10 pro, but have X3 Pro and X3 NFC (used same HW and CPU as RN10p).

        What I can tell you is that the camera difference is not as dramatic as you'd think, the X3 Pro definitely wins on speed of camera (opens faster, captures faster) specially for the photo modes such as Night or Panaromic…


        I got the X3 Pro because I wanted to escape OLED burn in from last phones… And Preferred the extra speed..

        • You sure? The note 10 pro has the 108mp camera, not the 64mp

          • @Jenny Death: I was referring to the rest of the HW, and not the camera module it self.
            The reality of modern phone photography is it's mostly software processing… And that 108mp is likely faux anyways, most probably it's a quad Bayern pattern which you'll have to divide by 4 to get real MP…

            I hate to imagine how much slower processing 108mp is going to be, given I don't see a dedicated DSP module on these cheaper phones.

            Quick look on GSMarena seems to confirm this that all 3 phones have similar photo output in low light, if anything X3 NFC has a tiny edge and that's probably due to 16MP output instead of 12MP:

            No one would be shooting native res on these sensors and the output is just not good enough (too much noise and too mushy usually).

  • I got the 8/256 for extra $10-15 a while back.

    Why the price gone up, I don't believe the chip shortage BS.

    Maybe due to evergrande

    • I don't believe the chip shortage BS.

      Lmao. I work at a car dealer, there's such a shortage that the car manufacturers are trying to sell (at a small discount) cars without the chips in them to dealerships, and then the chip will be installed at the dealership when they are in stock again

      But yeah, no chip shortage btw

  • Absolute banger of a phone. Would recommend.

    • +2

      sounds like it's Banggood

  • This is a bloody good phone. The battery can lasts me two days if I forget to charge. Really quick phone, no performance lost because of the lower price imo. My partner wants me to upgrade, but I honestly can't find a reason to change.

    • What is the screen like when outdoors? I p-lay a lot of Pokemon Go, is the screen bright enough to see in direct sunlight?

      • I'm using a Redmi Note 9 Pro which is rated at around 430 nits and it's fine for Pogo.
        It can go higher when set to auto brightness at around 460 nits but the obvious trade off is battery use. It comes in handy when wearing dark sunnies though.

        The Poco X3 Pro is rated at 450 nits so should be even brighter than the Note 9 Pro. You shouldn't have any problem with the screen outdoors.

        • Cool thanks, guess it make the choice between this and Note 10 Pro a little easier.

  • Optional shipping insurance $9.78. is this required?

  • Can't go wrong with this phone. Recently got mine and been very happy with it.

  • I have a Poco X3 NFC and it suffers from ghost touching almost once a day.

    • Not me, you probably have a defective screen. Maybe try doing a wipe if it is a bug related problem or install a custom rom

    • metoo

  • Just wondering, how do you get or find these coupon codes?

    • These appeared on the Banggood Facebook page along with others

      • ahhh I see, thankyou

  • Looks like codes only work when you order from HK which is silly!

  • +2

    This is hands down the best phone i've ever owned. (8gb ram model)

    Getting 19 days between charges (Note i dont have the usual western spyware installed like instagram, facebook, whatsapp). It's currently sitting at 35% after 310 hours of on time.

    Just telegram messaging and doing a quick login to claim daily notifications in genshin impact and fire emblem. Amazing battery life and plenty of grunt to handle anything i throw at.

  • +1

    Is this phone fine to run as-is or is it so full of bloatware and apps which might cause privacy concerns that it really needs a custom ROM to optimise? Coming from an Oppo A52, which has problems sending a simple SMS quite often, these specs look really good and I expect the phone can do a better job of sending SMS!

    If I am looking for a low maintenance, fairly high spec and working phone, is this the one?

    • +1

      Has ads and some Chinese apps. Arrowos is best custom rom if you’re able to install it

  • I assume there is no warranty with these guys? My father in-law needs a phone for $300-$400 and there are NO DEALS around right now.. Would prefer Australian stock for warranty.

    I realise specs would be lower on Aussie stock phones but he doesn't care for specs.

    What's the stock messaging app on Poco?

  • +1

    Great phone!


    • Huge battery, easily lasts all week.
    • Charges really quick (using the supplied charger).
    • Comes with an AU power adapter.
    • Comes with a very grippy transparent protection case.
    • Amazing performance.
    • Loud, crisp, high-quality stereo speakers.
    • Big, bright and vivid screen.
    • Great slow motion video recording.
    • Excellent, no-fuss fast wi-fi connecting.
    • BangGood delivery was very fast (within two weeks).


    • The vibration on silent mode is extremely soft. I end up missing a few calls because of it, even when it's sitting on my desk in plain sight. I can't seem to find any setting to increase it.

    Otherwise, I highly recommend it.

    • Wish they made one with more ram than 8gb then i probably wont have to upgrade for 20 years unless it is the cpu causing all the freezes and slowdowns.. i know app crashes are ram related but slowdowns and taking forever to load not sure if ram cpu or gpu aka soc.

  • Reading through the comments, I realise I know very little about phones.

    I need to replace my phone but have only every used Samsung. I just use the phone for facebook, general browsing and photos. Would this be a good phone for me?

    • +1

      More than enough. This is essentially a phone for people who love watching videos and playing games a lot, as it has a big bright screen, lots of battery capacity and loud stereo speakers.

  • Has the 8Gb code expired? Won't apply for me.

    • Another flash sale on the 8gb. 360 now tho.

  • 2 questions if anyone can help.

    1. When shipped from HK, will I incur any issues with customs duties etc?

    2. Will these codes provided invalidate the ship back 8%?


    • I just bought the 8gb from AU for $344, No code used. Arrived in 4 days to QLD. Wouldnt bother with HK for the small (if any) savings.

      Used Credit USD card conversion. Didn't bother with SB/CR.

      • I bought mine from HK on Oct 10. Hasn’t arrived yet, hopefully over the next seven days. It was about $30 cheaper at the time but if I’d waited a few days the price would have been about the same to order from the AU store. Lesson learned.

        • Ordered mine 30 Sept, arrived today.

          • @cubmar: Do you recall how many days it was between Banggood saying it was ‘Shipped’ to hearing anything else about it? The shipping date for me was apparently 14 October and there’s been radio silence since then. The tracking number for Aramex isn’t finding any records so I can only assume it’s not in Australia yet.

            • +1

              @Shadow_1: Here's the full history…

              2021-10-22 16:55:30

              Delivered by ATL

              2021-10-20 19:35:09
              Waiting for pick up

              Onboard ready for delivery

              2021-10-20 14:53:06
              In transit

              Arrived at destination facility

              2021-10-17 14:45:02
              Your consignment has been picked up

              2021-10-17 01:10:28
              Shipment information has been received

              2021-10-01 21:50:27

              Package has been sterilized and shipped out.

              2021-09-30 00:10:54
              Our warehouse has started packing your items.

              2021-09-30 00:04:21
              Order submit.

              • @cubmar: Thank you, hopefully there’s some progress on mine in a few days. My package being “sterilised and shipped out” status update occurred on Oct 10.

                • +1

                  @Shadow_1: Yeah - hopefully you'll see an update soon. I don't quite know why it should take so long, it's not the 1800s and yet the service reflects a bygone age of horse and cart!

      • I ordered on the 7th Oct from AU warehouse, still hasn't arrived. Aramex is the worst courier company ever.

        • Duck It. I understand your feeling bro. I ordered 14th Oct from Au warehouse and it hasn’t arrived yet. Duck Aramex… this is the second time I bought from Bangood and the ducking last time ever.