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$10 off When You Spend $50 on Liquor @ Coles Online


Get $10 off when you spend $50 on Liquor this week at Coles online!

Enter code CHEERS10 at checkout.


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    Hopefully, the deal is as good as last time where they just cancelled everyone's orders at the last minute.

    • (profanity) Coles

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        (profanity) C****

        Edit: Oh wild, didn't even know we couldn't swear

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    Good prices on some Scotch as I see it
    Loch Lomond Original Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700mL $40, 18YO $90
    Johnnie Walker Double Black Scotch Whisky 700mL $45
    Singleton 12YO Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700mL $50

    • Yeah, these are always the best regular booze deals.

      I got:

      Gentleman Jack $45
      Dimple 15yo $45
      Aerstone Land Cask single malt 10yo $40

      Others that might catch your eye:

      Chivas 12YO 1L $60
      JW Gold $70
      Talisker 10yo $77
      Dalwhinnie 15yo $83

      • Were you able to place any order? after so many days the online orders are still not going through!

        • The three I bought for this deal I placed all as separate orders at my local the day before pick-up and had a seamless pick-up at the allocated time.

          Has always been that way for these Coles deals that I've been using for most of my booze this last 12 months.

          Usually use the same Coles, but have used 2 or 3 others in my region. I remember struggling with the site when I first started with these deals but they work great now (not sure if that's me learning the little bugs or if Coles have made some e-commerce improvements)

          • @miracle: Same story me only other way round, been ordering with coles online (local store) from every liquor deal until this time giving a stupid error.

            • @PrasangaD: From my experience, the only advice I can think of is to experiment with a few variables.

              First change around the times and maybe a different day to see if it goes through.

              Second is to change the store to another 1 or 2 to try that.

              Third is to try some different items. I can remember once or twice the site would just error on attempting to proceed with a particular item in my trolley. It's infuriating because you've made a choice for that particular item, but thankfully not that common with me.

              As people have said in previous deal, the e-commerce of Coles liquor can be infuriating. But, IMO, worth preserving for some cracker regular deals 👍

              • @miracle: Yes I agree, but unfortunately I’ve tried all that this time. It doesn’t even let me checkout with only groceries - even with different stores and different pick up dates and times. Only constant at this point for all of them was my coles account - perhaps it’s a glitch in my account alone.
                I’ve given up - can’t be bothered more just for $10 lol

                PS: thanks for the suggestions and for bearing with my whining :)

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    Please contact customer service on 1800 455 400

    Deserves a neg just because online orders can't be processed!