LEGO Creator Expert Bonsai Tree 10281 Building Kit - $68 Delivered @ Amazon AU


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Update 30 Sept: Price increased by $1 to $69
Update 3 October: Price back to $68

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  • Thank you, purchased!

  • +3

    Damn, I paid $70.65 for it at BigW a couple of weeks back.

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      Damn, I paid $69 for it at Amazon a couple of weeks back.

      • +1

        I know man…it hurts right?

      • +1

        Mate, that’s a coffee at 7-eleven!

      • +2

        Oh no! 🤯 However will you cope!? 🤔

        • +2

          I'm just taking it one day at a time.

    • +1

      Well you got a bargain… I just paid $74.99 incl delivery 😭 So much for a bargain! 🤨

  • Purchased, didn’t want or need but good deal, will still

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    if wanting to make up the set of Bonsai,Bouqet & Birds of Paradise, the Birds of Paradise also $109.65

  • +20

    I bought a real bonsai cheaper than this

    • +3

      Yeah but the on-going cost is a lot more than this.

      • +2

        One seems more rewarding

      • +3

        A bit of water every day is not much of a cost. Bought a real bonsai myself for $50 at a specialised bonsai nursery. Best thing I've bought in a long time (along with my venus fly trap plant).

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      I water my lego bonsai with spring water everyday.

  • Good for wax on wax off training. 🙏

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    Is there a way to subscribe to Lego deals on OzBargain?

  • good deal, bought it last week for $69

    I personally like the green leaves with pink flowers just FYI. the frogs are kind of weird for me

  • +2

    For a moment I thought that was a haiku in OP's bonsai description, so zen

  • Thank you. I got one

  • +1

    Most frogs in a Lego set

  • Looks small for $70.
    The flower one is better value?

  • This was an interesting build as the designer went hard on asymmetry. The leaves are somewhat awkward in a way that Lego usually isn't. Quite creative I guess, the frogs were a zany touch.

  • +1

    I though there would be a bargain with something approaching 70 votes ?

    • Not always.
      Popular items gets lots of votes

      • It been #1 on Toys and Games Best Sellers on AMZ for a while .
        2 container loads ?

  • I just watched the calming video whilst the lego was made, was wandering if a massage was provided during the build?

  • Frogs on a Tree

  • Why do I want this?
    I do not need this….

  • +1

    Building experience wise, which set would be a better gift to someone new to Lego. This or birds of paradise?

  • One day people will learn Lego can produce as many as they please and play the game accordingly .
    Anyway they put this one up a whole $1 and still 999 + available .
    Fire away folks :)

  • $69. Nice

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    Price is $89 now

  • WOW

  • price is back at $68 and no limit this time round. Enjoy

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    $89 now

  • Delivery was super quick - very impressed!

  • has the Bonsai for $34.99 with free shipping. Their prices for lego are generally

  • back available.

  • Christmas pressie sorted.
    Thanks OP!