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Sunbeam NutriSeal Vacuum Blender - PBT7200SS $99 (RRP $399) + Delivery @ Billy Guyatts


Closest in catch for $149. Delivery seems to be a bit on higher end



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Billy Guyatts
Billy Guyatts


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    stan cash has identical item but slightly cheaper delivery, and from the url it seems to be same seller

  • What’s the benefit of a vacuum blender?

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      Blender and vacuum cleaner all in one. Helps add extra nutrients from the floor to your meals.

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        What a cnut

        • At least he's not a B'Stard

    • According to the product description:

      Vacuum function: Removes air, locks in vitamins for healthier blends

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        Does that mean I have to drink it in a vaccum and seal my throat so that the vitamin will remain intact until it crosses the intestinal mucosa?

    • Vacuum smoothies are less frothy

  • Only 600W. Target have the 1000W Nutri Bullet blender (with the jug style) for $94 on clearance.

    • This is "Vacuum" blender mate.

    • theres also a discount if you sign up to their christmas thing. I signed up and unsubd straight away still got the discount which i cant remember what it was. C+C stock is low so check at stores close to yourself if you do.

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    Remove oxy will make juice fresher