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Up to 35% off RRP across Entire NOCO Range Including Car Jump Starters, Battery Chargers and Accessories @ Amazon AU


5 Days of Deals from NOCO & Amazon. Consists of 35% off RRP on various top-selling products (different deals each day) and 30% off RRP on a range of accessories and jump starters (all 5 days). Runs from 29 Sep to 3 Oct

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  • Looking to get the NOCO-GBX45, are these better then the Gooloo and Grepro brand or not really?

  • How does the Genius 10 compare with the CTEK MXS (in my case 7.0) battery charger?

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      I have the MXS5 and Genius 10. The 10 also charges 6V lead acid batteries. I have had my car connected to the Genius 10 for 3 weeks due to not driving and it has not killed my battery yet. I also prefer the clamps on the Genius 10.

      The repair/recond process is also different between Ctek and Noco, so worth comparing the two.

      Overall, I find myself going for the Genius 10 more often than my MXS 5.0.

  • Thanks, been waiting on another NOCO sale.

  • They make excellent stuff.

    Have both NOCO and Gooloo chargers. The NOCO weighs much more than the Gooloo for a lower charge rate - I suspect that relates to quality of internals and general construction.

    Even with the current offer discount the Gooloo equivalent will be cheaper?

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    I purchased the GENIUS5 in the last sale and have used a few times. The unit is good quality.
    I also tried the repair mode on a battery which had been left flat with good results.

  • I have the genius5 and it felt great int he hand for what its worth. Felt very sturdy. Seems to charge well so far. Did notice that of the main brands this one has the most reviews on youtube for what its worth

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    The NOCO stuff seems expensive, but then so does a $400 drill with the same features as a Bunnings $30 unit.

    If you're using your product a lot, such as a tradie and their drill, then spending significantly more often pays for itself.

    I have the Gooloo jump starter, and recently bought a Kickass 8A battery charger. I liked that the Kickass charger used standard Anderson plugs, and for $69 (now $59!!) seemed like good value. They do a 20A unit as well, but apparently there are limits on how big of a charger a certain size battery will take.

  • Looks like the Boost X products have gone back up to their normal price?