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[Pre Order] Nintendo Switch OLED Model $502.95 Delivered @ The Gamesmen eBay


This is the only active discount available (at least that I know of) on the Switch OLED Model (not counting EB Games trade-in deals).

Not here to debate whether or not this is worth it. But if you are after the Switch OLED Model, this is a good price compared to everywhere else.

RRP is $539, so that's a $36.05 discount.

White Model
Neon Model

Releases Friday October 8th - couldn't tell you when you'll actually receive it, though.

EDIT: I've been made aware that it was 25% off (down to $439) at one point on Kogan with Klarna. So this isn't the best it's been, sorry everyone!

EDIT 2: Despite the code saying it expired on 30/09/2021, it's still valid today on 01/10/2021. So have at it. No idea when this code actually expires.

EDIT 3 Code has updated. Now valid through to October 14th.

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  • +2

    Could've gotten it for 25% off if you paid with Klarna: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/643872

    • Updated the post, I saw that at the time but forgot all about it!

    • With discount gift card. Would be close to the history low.

    • +20

      Not sure why the downvote. I'm saying this is a discount on RRP. Do you disagree?

      • Nothing against you dude, regardless of "RRP", I just can't see how $500 is a bargain for this ancient tech which can't keep up with the OG PS4/PS4 Slim and Xbox One / Xbox One S. My overclocked hacked switch from 2017 outperforms this junk.

        • +4

          The PS4 isn't a portable.
          It's a full console.

          There is very little to compare a switch to in terms of a high performance gaming handheld.
          The steam deck would be a better example.

        • +18

          Some people are going to buy this anyway. If you were going to pay $539 on release, and instead you can pay $503 and didn't mind the delay in postage - you'd do that. That's a deal.

          I really am sympathetic to the arguments about how $539 is too high for this product. But a consumer wanting a product cheaper isn't a new problem either :)

          It's 2017 tech with a new lick of paint. It's disappointing to see it cost so much. I love Nintendo games and love OLED tech. I want a big OLED screen to play my PS5 and watch movies at home. I can't afford $3.5k to do that. But I do have the money to pay overs for a modern console (more modern than the Vita people keep bringing up) with a good-looking screen, and a game library I love.

          It's a luxury purchase. I have the money for that, and not the money for other things. And for better or worse, there's no like-for-like product to the Nintendo switch if you want to play Nintendo exclusive games.

          The OG PS5 and XBOX One's couldn't be played handheld. And had no screen. The Switch is different. It's been designed to be different.

          But I'm gonna buy a Switch OLED Model because I want to. As do a lot of people. And now, we can pay $503 instead of $540. It's as simple as that.

          As for your comment, I see you retracted it now, but I took offense to your downvote, which I think is against the spirit of what that button is for. I have nothing against your opinion, and as I hope I've spoken to now - agree. I feel this is overpriced too.

          On an aside, whenever I see an apple product pop up "on-sale" for 10% off, I gawk too. I'm not an apple person. But some people are, and for them, that's a big deal. Good for them. I don't upvote or downvote that - I just move on.

          • +2


            The OG PS5

            I assume you mean OG PS4.

            I have the money for that

            I wish I did.

            I took offense to your downvote

            I meant no offense towards you.

            I see you retracted it now

            I didn't. My comment has (at time of writing) 39 downvotes. This indicates that the community disagrees with my neg on the deal, and so the system revoked it automatically:

            "Your negative vote on this post has been revoked by the community as this comment of yours has received too many negative votes."

            As do a lot of people

            That's probably what's annoying me about this.
            I'd rather see BOTW2 run at 60fps and have the chance to play Hyrule Warriors Calamit, split screen, at more than 20fps.
            But Nintendo don't need to make a faster switch, because people are happy to re-buy the same console, but with either:
            - Glued-on joycons which can't play Ring Fit or Mario Party and no HDMI out (Switch Lite)
            - A slightly bigger battery and new box (The 2019 switch)
            - An OLED screen

            So at this rate, BOTW2 will be another 900p 20-30fps experience until Yuzu/Ryujinx can give us 4k/60fps.

          • @Lockdude: You're complaining about Nintendo rehashing things? C'mon now.

            Cough Mario, zelda, every other Nintendo ip cough

        • Nintendo exclusive games and portable multiplatform games, on a bigger and better screen.

          • +1

            @AustriaBargain: Yuzu on an OLED TV @ 60fps.

            • @krisspy: I ended up with Cemu + BOTW 60fps.
              Hopefully Ryujinx will be ready to do this for BOTW2 on release :)

  • I'm sure somebody posted this deal yesterday but it looks like it was deleted?

  • +1

    Not a bad price. Considering selling my OG unpatched console and upgrading to this.

    • Good deal but I’m thinking of trading mine in at Eb

      • Thinking the same, but $ 240 is pretty low offer. Hoping to get at least 300 on Gumtree, joy cons have been replaced and still have bit warranty left.

        • What lvl eb world are you

    • +2

      Not a bad idea if you arent using the unpatched model to its full potential. Unpatched consoles have held their value so an upgrade to this oled model wont cost you much.

      • Is unpatched just the OG models?

        • Certain serial numbers. You can check online if your SN is unpatched or not.

      • Does unpatched mean it can be softmodded?

    • +1

      Same, I pretty much purely play handheld so it would be a decent upgrade at a minimal cost.

  • +7

    I would save $500 to buy the PS5…

    • +17

      The large range of games and exclusives on Nintendo Switch are why people purchase it over the current small PS5 exclusive titles.

      Also the portability is a big selling point.

      • +8

        I'm hoping that the Steam Deck will reach Australia some time next year, the base model of that thing will be the same price as an OLED Switch which is crazy value (course, you are far better off getting the 256gb Steam Deck if not the 512gb model).

        • +1

          Steam Deck will reach Australia some time next year

          Yeah, cheaper than upgrade computer.

      • +2

        May be both.

    • +3

      The lineup Nintendo has got prepped for 2022 is mouth-watering. BOTW2 is a selling point alone

    • +3

      I can't flick on a PS5 (etc) when my kids are awake.

      I get away with a little bit of switch because it's out of sleep mode in 1 second and I can sit on the couch to play in handheld mode (vs all other gaming devices which require using a TV that consequently allows my kids to see gaming violence etc..)

      • +2

        Yeah this is a massive selling point for some, particularly parents. My Switch has seen much more game time than my Xbox and PS4 combined over the past 5 years.

      • Definitely agree with this. Push the button and two seconds later its bug bug boogie. Versus waiting for the Xbox to boot up and sifting through the menus.

        Parent here of three young children. Definitely made the right choice.

    • They are not comparable. Ps5 does not process the portability.

  • How much do you get trading in?

    • +3

      If you trade it towards a switch at EB Games, you get a $240 credit for the switch (preorders before September 1st) or a $240 credit for the switch and two games (orders and preorders from September 1st onwards). Presumably, the preorder rate wasn't as good as they expected so they made the deal worse.

      That's the base credit thought, level 1 members get +5% on that, level 2 +10%, level 3 +15%, level 4 +20%, level 5 +25%.

      If you bought this and traded your switch in on its own towards something else, presumably it'd be something less than $240. Though you'd have to ring the store to ask them the exact amount.

      CEX has a mixed bag on what they'll give you for it…

    • I would give you $300 for it. There has been no deals on new for such a long time. Not prepared to pay full price for an older model.

    • If you have the time to do some research, see if you have an exploitable model.
      If so, list it on gumtree/fb/ebay as "Unpatched" and mention "Homebrew" and you'll get a lot for it.
      If I were buying one today, I'd pay more for a used unpatched model, than this new oled model.

  • Goodguys just emailed an offer saying you can get $60 store credit if you spend above $500. Could not see if consoles are excluded.

  • +4

    Sucks that they spiked the price to 553 as this could've been way better.

  • Have they added Bluetooth yet?

    • +7

      I assume you mean bluetooth audio? If so, then Yes! They did this a few weeks ago. Though it's also available on the original switch and switch light.

    • +2

      sort of. In the latest update. It limits the numer of connected controllers when you are using it

    • Was added in a recent update. Not sure if this comes by default or similar update will apply.

  • Note: Limited Stock Available, Strictly 1 Per Customer

    I reckon this won't last that long and Sucker's can fire what they pls at it :)

  • Estimated by Fri. 15 Oct.

    • +2

      That is just release date + Australia Post slow postage time.

      • maybe needs another week under current situation

  • Don't have good experience with the gamesman at all. Bought a switch a few years ago. I need them to put my name on the invoice and they gave sad excuse for not being able to or not wanting to do it.

  • Please reply to the comment to let me know if Amazon price match :)

  • +4

    Fyi, Switch game developers have been receiving their 4k game dev kits already so 4k Switch shouldn't be too far away…

    • +1

      Probably 2 years away

    • +14

      As much as I'd love that to actually be a thing anytime soon, I feel like I've seen that same article for the past 2-3 years 😝

      • +1


        Deju vu! Crazy that the newest round of Switch Pro rumours have began. I mean, maybe it'll be true, in Nintendo's own way that will subvert expectations, but if we've learnt one thing about this company it's that they can't be predicted.

        But I sympathise with all the people trying to plan consumer discussions with Nintendo products.

        Personally, I'm an OG unpatched Switch owner and would be keen on an upgrade because of some age with mine (slight joycon drift, display doesn't look 100% sometimes in very select scenes) and the ability to resell mine to upgrade to a new at relatively little cost. But it's hard to justify when the iterations have improvements so slight. The 2019 increase to battery capacity was almost a mute consideration to upgrade from OG. And the significant upgrade on the 2021 model is the bigger OLED screen (I consider the other upgrades slight and not incentivising OG owners), which is a very good upgrade for mobile users.

        But is it enough to justify the cost difference and the effort reselling? Hard for me to decide. If a surprise deal came through on the OLED model (~$400) it probably would be enough to jump at, but I wouldn't expect that from a Nintendo product and by the time prices relax that much it could be 1-2 years and another iteration is on the horizon.

        And then you might think about the worth of keeping your OG unpatched Switch… will prices blow out on them in the years to come?

        I think you either buy the upgrade because you want it strongly enough, or you don't because you can't justify it…

        • 100% agree, it's a matter of weighing up costs here.

          I checked ebay and unpatched switches are going for around $360, just for the tablet.

          Dock, joy-cons, charger etc are in the $500~ range. I'd definitely jump on the OLED too if there was a $400 deal or something, I play primarily handheld so better battery life and screen makes it an almost no-brainer.

          I'd almost argue that now is as good a time as any to sell an unpatched model, much like the 3DS how you could only hack it with that Cubic Ninja game, but then eventually free methods popped up and made the game worthless. But as usual to each their own, you never know when Nintendo will pull something out of their hat!

          • @mangobango: Do you reckon there will be emerging ways to mod newer versions of the Switch, rendering these OG models less valuable?

            • @muwu: It wouldn't surprise me, but you never really know.

              I'm just going off previous consoles, Wii needed twilight princess for a while, but everyone had that game anyway so it didn't matter, but now there's purely free versions (much like the 3DS). But it might be a bit different with patched/unpatched this time around, but I feel like something will get worked out eventually.

              I'll still hold out for a potential pro console, unless a REALLY good deal pops up for the OLED.

              • @mangobango:

                I'll still hold out for a potential pro console, unless a REALLY good deal pops up for the OLED

                My approach exactly. An improvement in specs is the only true incentive

    • Looks like Nintendo just denied that was true.

      • yeah well… dunno who to believe… :-D

        "Bloomberg appears to be standing by its report, which isn’t much of a surprise. It comes from respected game/tech industry journalists who have been extremely well-sourced in the past, and this report is no exception: it cites anonymous employees at 11 different game companies all saying they have a 4K Switch development kit. Following Nintendo’s tweet, the publication simply added an additional line about Nintendo’s denial."

    • +4

      I'm always skeptical of a 4k Switch. I mean the current model can't even run at 1080p in most games
      I'd he happy with a revision that can run games like BOTW at 1080p 60fps in docked mode

    • They haven't just received it recently, they have had it for months now.

      But Nintendo won't release a pro while there is a chip shortage and sales are still high.

      Perhaps it's an indicator for the Switch 2

  • is OLED screen the only difference between this Switch and the OG one?

    • +8

      No - but also, basically.

      Full list of differences:
      1. Bigger Screen (though frame is the same size - screen just goes more to the edge)
      2. OLED Screen
      3. Aesthetic changes to dock (including it being white, rounded edged, and the back panel coming off completely, rather than hinging)
      4. Ethernet port in the back rather than a 3rd USB slot
      5. 64GB internal memory (standard switch is 32GB)
      6. Improved sound (which I believe has come from a redesign of how the speakers sit in the shell)

      Okay, I think that's everything. The bigger OLED screen is the main selling point. If you play mostly docked, there's very little in this for you - but there is technically some improvements.

      • but does it worth upgrading if you got a 2017 switch?

        • +1

          Short answer is no, it's only worth upgrading in you spend a lot of time using the handheld mode

        • +2

          Bigger battery as well compared to 2017 switch.
          2017 switch may have good resale value if it can be modified.
          These factors make it potentially more worth upgrading - as I am doing.

        • As mentioned for handheld play the upgrades are worth it as you'll also get the better battery they put into the late 2019 model. I only play handheld as the PS5 is what i use with the TV. So this upgrade is worth it to me, especially with the trade in.

          Exclusive dock players probably get nothing out of this unless they have bad wifi and want to connect to the ethernet port and even then, it would be cheaper to fix the wifi.

      • what about resolution?

        • it's exactly the same processor as in the standard switch, so resolution is no different from the existing model

          • @gahazi: 720p? In end of 2021? For $500

            ARE YOU JOKING MATE?

            • +4

              @canberrascooter: Tough to play PS5 in 4K on the train though.

            • +2

              @canberrascooter: For a handheld gaming console, 720p is fine.
              Putting a higher resolution display would just use more battery and put more stress on the CPU/GPU with little gain in visual improvement on a small screen
              Valve has also chosen to put a 720p display on the Steam Deck.

              For phones, you'll appreciate a higher resolution display. Pictures and movies will take advantage of higher resolutions without major negative effects however for a gaming device you'll prefer a 720p at a playable frame rate

              • @FireRunner: Can't imagine the switch pumping out more, it has a heart attack playing some titles already

      • The OLED switch has a much better kickstand.

  • +11

    "Wait, don't be fooled! It's just a regular Nintendo Switch with a fancy new screen!"

    "But it's got a new screen!"

  • Leaning towards Amazon for this one purely for their delivery service. Would pay 37 more for launch day delivery. Edit: you have to pay 10 xtra to get it on launch day.

    • +1

      I'll bump it for yah when I get it 20% off with a Ebay coupon using my 10% off Ebay card for a total of 28% off :)
      Even then I wouldn't buy it hehe .

  • For those who play docked only, your reasons for needing this model boil down to the minimums.

    • I take your point, but part of the reason I stopped playing handheld is because the picture on my TV is better. Obviously a 7" vs. a 65" is not like-for-like (smaller screen, lower resolution), but I plan to play handheld more, especially as lockdowns end and lets me get out a bit more again.

      • I see no problem here, your reasons are good, my advice was simply to say to existing normal switch owners, if they don't need the screen, battery or port additions, they need not bother upgrading as the specs are the same as 2017.

        • Sorry, I worded that way more argumentative than I meant. Was trying to make conversation while also multi-tasking - which I'm rubbish at :)

  • +1

    No one asking about controller drift?

  • Why people complaining about the price, still cheaper than Xbox and ps5!

    • +3

      Lot of people own different things, so products will appeal to them differently.
      For some people, a switch is an alternative to a PS5. They buy one or the other so they have to weigh up which is better for them.
      For some people, they already own a gaming PC. So a PS5 or XBSX is less appealing to them.
      For some people, they already own an original switch, so the OLED model is extra unappealing to them.

      It really all has to do with if a system has the games you want that you couldn't already play elsewhere.
      That's really what divides opinion.

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