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Extra 4 Months Free nbn Superfast 250/25 Speed Upgrade and Free Telstra Smart Modem @ Telstra


Received email for an extra free 4 months on Telstra Superfast NBN (typical 230mbps download speeds) with a free modem to boot.

Check your emails and apply for modem if eligible. For the free modem upgrade need to apply by 21st October.

Email below:
Earlier this year we upgraded your internet speed to nbn™ Superfast at no cost for 6 months.

With more people working, studying, and spending time at home, we've extended your Superfast Internet Add-On, at no cost (normally $30 per month) for a further 4 months on service xxxxxx.

Upgrade your modem at no cost
The Superfast Internet Add-On has typical download speeds of 230Mbps (7-11pm), however we've noticed that you have an older modem that might not be able to support the full potential of these high speeds. To get the most out of your internet and to enjoy the Superfast Internet Add-On, we recommend that you upgrade to our latest Telstra Smart Modem. As a valued customer, we would like to send you a new modem at no extra cost.

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  • I’ve already using Gen 2 modem and also have a spare one. Now they’re offering me another one. Should I try and exchange them for a wifi booster?

    • Worth a try

    • +1

      Have been with them for over 12 years, I tried that when switching over to NBN from ADSL2+. They were prepared to give me new Gen2 Modem but not exchange it with Wifi booster, so I switched to Superloop and happy with them so far.

      Telstra's NBN is not worth the price they want to charge.

      • They also increasing the price for existing customers from 90 to 95 per month.

  • Targeted?

    • Think so.

  • +11

    As a loyalty telstra 8 years customer, telstra increased my NBN price twice a year, from 70 to 90 to 110, and speed cut from 100/40 to 100/20 then to 50/20. Service is bad and just switched to another provider.

    • +4


      I recently left them.

      Not because of the extra cost, but for the extremely bad customer service…

      • -4

        Do you still have to deal with an offshore monkey through an online chat?

    • +1

      Exact same boat. Been with them for as long as I can remember and all I got for that was increased prices and less value. Moved to another provider after the most recent hike, and on the same 100/40 plan that's cheaper and easier to manage with better service to boot.

    • +2

      I've been with them for 12 year now. No discounts.

      • If you have other options for service providers, it sounds like it's time to change. After 12 years, they know you will just keep taking their shit. Almost no chance of any loyalty freebies or discounts. It's sad that's how big business work

    • $110 @ 50/20 speed doesn’t add up, that plan is $90 or $95 with the new pricing, you should ring up & make a complaint

    • This is Telstra… what do you expect?

    • Ah, I commented in the first branch, but want to add to this one too.
      Same with me, customer for almost 9 years - they increased price from 90 to 95 recently.
      So, which providers would ozbargainers recommend ?

  • +7

    Only email I got is $5 increase to plan..

    • +2

      You should post that as a bargain

    • +1

      i got that email - $5 increase, and a 4 month $5 credit… WTF???

      with any luck I'll be churning to my sparkly FTTP connection by then

      • I got a 3month of $5 credit..Anyway I will cancel it in 3 months to any cheaper one

    • Same here :(

    • and halved upload speed i reckon?

  • Might speed up the 75Mb redline I'm hitting on my copper lol

  • Any chance of getting a screenshot of the email if anyone's got it?

  • I can’t believe Telstra is still in business. Who in their right mind would want to be a customer?

    • +1

      Me. They are great. 250/40 for $89 a month for life of account. Noone comes close.

      • Meh, on 1000/50 hfc NBN with free fetch. $90. And they paid for my expensive Netgear Orbi. Don't ask how, it just happened with a bit of whinging with multiple staff on chat and phone.
        BTW Optus 1000 hfc is awesome. Never slows down, I'd pay the extra coin for it anyway.

      • How are you paying that for those speeds??
        (currently) we are paying $90 for 115/5 Telstra cable, but will be forced to 50/20 for $95 in a few months, jumping ship soon.

        • I was in the same boat. They looked after me. Don't be a dick to them and they will help you out.

          • @maxwellish:

            I was in the same boat. They looked after me

            Please, somehow, elaborate on how you managed to negotiate a better deal? Thought Telstra isn't easy to negotiate with.
            Happy for you to PM if you don't want to reveal the secrets publicly.

            • +1

              @CC123: Just explain your situation. Moving backwards for more money is hardly ideal.

              Tell them you don't want to switch but they are leaving no choice. Tell them you would accept same speeds and same coin on NBN.

              I did that, got 250 and Telstra TV for free. Happy days

  • I managed to get $180 credit out of them to stay when I switched from Telstra Cable to NBN plan (FTTC). Also prepaid my account to take advantage of the recent Amex cashback offer. Will be moving elsewhere as soon as I burn that credit

  • Looks like they've removed the form for some…

    We recently wrote to you to confirm that your SuperFast Speed Add-on has been extended by a further 4 months.
    We have incorrectly advised you that your current modem may not receive the full benefit of the SuperFast Speed.
    This was an error. We want to re-assure you that you currently have a Telstra Smart Modem and your modem is capable of supporting the SuperFast speed, so you do not need a modem upgrade. You can continue to enjoy SuperFast speeds for the next 4 months and your current modem will continue to support the faster speed.

    We apologise for this error and thank you for your understanding, and for being a Telstra customer.

    • Anyone here actually able to upgrade your modem for free by clicking the link in the email?
      If yes, what Telstra modem you currently have?

      Mine says "This was an error. We want to re-assure you that you currently have a Telstra Smart Modem" too,
      but the only modem I got from Telstra years ago was not Smart Modem Gen 1 or Gen 2 at all, not even Gateway Frontier w/ mobile backup, but a slow & buggy [email protected] 5355 "Telstra Gateway".

  • I asked telstra chat about this and they are claiming now it's scam as there is no record of that email being sent to me and the promotion finished on 31/7/2021

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