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[PC, XB1, XSX, SUBS] Scarlet Nexus Added to Xbox Game Pass


Just released as part of the Tokyo Game Show, seems like an awesome addition to the Xbox Game Pass.

Seems pretty crazy that it's already on the service 3 months after release, currently retailing for $60 elsewhere.

Xbox Press Release

We announced that fans will be able to play SCARLET NEXUS today with Xbox Game Pass from the award-winning team at Bandai Namco Entertainment in Japan. The title is playable on console, PC, tablet and Cloud Gaming, where available, with touch controls.

Sarah Bond, Head of Creator Experience and Ecosystem unveiling Bandai Namco Entertainment’s SCARLET NEXUS available to play now with Xbox Game Pass globally.


In the far distant future, a psionic hormone was discovered in the human brain, granting people extra-sensory powers and changed the world as we knew it. As humanity entered this new era, deranged mutants known as Others began to descend from the sky with a hunger for human brains. Highly resistant to conventional attack methods, extreme measures needed to be taken to battle the overwhelming threat and preserve humanity. Those with acute extra-sensory abilities, known as psionics, were our only chance to fight the onslaught from above. Since then, psionics have been scouted for their talents and recruited to the Other Suppression Force (OSF), humanity’s last line of defense. Featuring a dual story, begin your adventure with either Yuito Sumeragi, an energetic recruit from a prestigious political family or Kasane Randall, the mysterious scout whose power and skill has gained great notoriety among the OSF. As their different experiences interweave with each other, it is only then that you will reveal the full story and unlock all the mysteries of a Brain Punk future caught between technology and psychic abilities in SCARLET NEXUS.

As always, enjoy :)

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    omg really i brought it for ps5 and still not played it lol

    • I feel that pain!

  • +1

    It's a good game but not as enjoyable as tales of arise.
    I finished only one playthrough

    • +12

      username checks out

  • Damn what a steal

  • +2

    Unbelievable. I checked and saw subnautica below zero and Aragami 2 added as well.
    Xbox gamepass is amazing!

  • Just yesterday someone was lamenting about the poor list of games on GP….bad timing.

  • +8

    Fairly disappointing game. The gameplay mechanics are well thought through but the story and scenarios are way too ambitious for what is clearly a low budget title. Highly repetitive and way too much introduced with little to be fleshed out. You'll be sitting through 24 hours of highly repetitive content with little variety.

    Another game where they should've cut 50% of the characters and grandiose to then instead focus on content.

    • +1

      Agreed far too repetitive for my liking. And the story just got lost

    • +1


    • -1

      you can literally finish it less than 30 hours its already short compared to other similar stuff so what you on about?

  • Wow nearly bought this today, great news!

  • That's huge!
    Was tossing up whether to buy, decision made for me.

  • Almost bought it when it came out. Amazing to see it’s already on game pass!

  • +1

    After several months probably will see Tales of Arise too

    • I'm thinking this now too, I was all set to buy it as soon as it goes on sale (which based on scarlet would be 2-3 months after release) but maybe I'll wait and see now…

      • And Tales of Vesperia is already in the pass

  • You're all welcome, I bought it last time it was on sale, so of course it was going to come to game pass 😅

  • A bunch of other games too including marvel avengers

  • +1

    Does this work with a steering wheel?

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